Author: Nikhil Murthy

4 Popular Class Participation Personalities Of Every B-School Classroom

“Class participation component”, is an essential tool used by B-Schools to encourage classroom discussions and evaluate the performance of the students during every class. A few days into the course and it transforms into something which incentivizes those who come prepared for the class and penalizes those who don’t. It may also become one of the

How To Lead A Healthy Campus Life – Tips And Benefits By Nikhil Murthy

There is more to health than just looking ripped and being free from illness. The World Health Organization (WHO) has the following definition for health, which hasn’t been amended since 1948 – “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Overall well-being is

41 Guys, 72 hours Of Travel And 12 Medals – IGNATIA 2016 Was More Than Just A Sports Meet

We left our campus on the 21st of July, skeptical about the 24 hours of journey (which got extended, surprisingly, to 36 hours) ahead of us to IIM Ranchi. After a lot of confusion regarding the number of participants willing to attend and several last moment adjustments, the Sports Committee of IIM Indore arranged a bus

Student Exchange Program – One Of The Major B-School Fads

September is that time of the year when a few students go missing on Indian B-school campuses, while students from foreign institutes can be spotted. The reason being – “The student exchange program” which is an initiative taken up by prime universities to enhance the learning experience of participants through diversity. Though this program begins during