Author: Pooja Wanpal

‘It’s Not You, It’s Us’ – The P-O Fit In Organisation – Pooja, TISS Mumbai

Think back to your interviews, think back to your organisations. Think back to your boyfriends, your clubs and your groups. At some point in your life till now, you must have received an answer, ‘We don’t think you would be a right fit for this place/organisation/my life…’ Quite contrary to the popular opinion, ‘right fit’

‘Alive’ Movie Analysis : Organisational Behaviour In Action – Pooja, TISS Mumbai

In 1972, an Uruguayan chartered flight carrying 45 people, which included a rugby union team, their family and friends, crashed in the Andes mountains. 27 people survived the crash and sought shelter in the wreckage of the flight. However, an avalanche, and injuries as well as the cold took many lives, and only 16 people