Author: Prabhakar Mundkur

Millennials Secretly Laughing At Millennial Research – The Importance Of Social Media Listening

Every generation has occupied researchers, marketers, advertisers and advertising agencies for the last few decades. In fact, the study of generations has been a full-time occupation for some time. Each generation is a mystery to the generations before them, who spend hours and many tons of research trying to understand them. Unfortunately, while the generation

You May Stop Black Money But Can You Stop Corruption? – Views From Prabhakar

The demonetization move was the right one to make in spite of all the public indignation and unjustified political lobbying against the current government. In any case, the opposition and politicians, in general, lack the credibility to criticise the demonetization move, only because the entire nation knows that they are the most corrupt. As my

The Empire Strikes Back – Cyrus Mistry Breaks The Silence – Views From Prabhakar

The announcement that Ishaat Hussain would take over as interim Chairman of TCS from Cyrus Mistry lends a quizzical twist to the emerging boardroom battle at the Tatas. Quizzical, because Ishaat Hussein and Farida Khambata were the two board directors at Tata Sons who abstained from voting Cyrus Mistry out of power at their board