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Pre-paid Scratch Card For Part Recharge & Part Deposit - Insights From Pranil

Interest earnings are not the most important criteria for all people who deposit money in their bank accounts. Unless the principal amount is substantial, interest accumulated is always going to be insignificant. For a large majority of people engaged in formal employment, monthly salary is either through cheque or direct

Why It Is Necessary For All NGOs To Scale Up - Insights From Pranil

The central premise of this essay is to look at a critical problem that seems to bother most (if not all) effective non-profit organizations namely SCALABILITY.Scalability of an effective solution can depend on many resources like access to funds, availability of management talent, technology etc. which are almost always a

Fast Track Batches In Professional Education - Insights From Pranil

It wouldn’t be wrong or unfair even to the extent of generalizing that the purpose of professional education is reduced to merely getting a job. While for a very small percentage of students, the purpose might continue to be learning so that one can add increasing higher value in the

Pursuit Of Excellence - Insights From Pranil

Excellence could be argued to be the toughest amongst all virtues to pursue, for the simple reason there is no ULTIMATE in excellence. The goal post keeps going further once you reach it much like the classic Vikram - Betaal story where king Vikram would be asked a question -