Author: Prasad Antapurkar

Prasad is a Mechanical Engineer and will be joining IIM B PGP 19-21. He has worked in Mahindra Vehicles for around 2 years. He has a rich experience of working with people at different organizational levels right from the CEO to the workers on the production line. He is a hobbyist photographer and loves writing short poems. He is particularly interested in football, politics and public policy making.

From 80%ile In CAT ’17 To 95.65%ile In CAT ’18 – Journey To IIM Bangalore

Taming The Beast Called ‘CAT’ Engineering is a religion they say. My family is a great practitioner of the same. Right from my grandfather to my mother, each one has learned technical education in some capacity or the other. My engineering journey has been non-conventional. I did a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and later completed