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7 Crucial Tips To Crack The VA-RC Section From A VA-RC 100 Percentiler

“A good way to attempt the VARC section would be to start with two RCs and then move to questions without negative marking and then two more RCs. This can help Build your reading speed and concentration. Personally speaking, I used to do three RCs on one go and leave

PGP-HRM Vs. PGP-IM At MDI Gurgaon | All You Need To Know

Housed in the lush green campus of MDI Gurgaon, the PGP-HRM and the PGP-IM program have been changing lives since their inception. PGP-HRM program is an ideal curriculum for anyone looking to build a career in the field of Human Resource Management and for those who are looking more into

Why I Chose PGP-HRM Over PGPM In MDI Gurgaon | Ft. Tulika Mazumdar

Tulika Mazumdar is currently a PGP-HRM student of 2019-2021 batch at MDI Gurgaon. Her first preference was PGPHRM. Now that sounds like an unusual choice given the reputation the flagship label PGPM has amassed over the years. But read on to know the several benefits of pursuing HRM for a

MDI Gurgaon Interview Experiences - Part 3| Tips By MDI Gurgaon Students

First of all, let me congratulate you on making it this far. I am hoping your preparation for the interviews are in full force and this article will help you to shape it even better. Here, I have made an attempt to collate interview experiences of my friends who are