Author: Rinku Stephen

Rinku Stephen pursued Computer Science and Engineering just because she was fascinated by the law of cartoons. But later during her course, she was smitten by the tech bug and went on to develop developed Peer to Peer Application for NFCs, automated healthcare claims and solutions to clinical trials. She also had a brief stint as the IT consultant for a Startup – Praise Foundation. Currently, she is a Product Manager in Flipkart. Setting the geek side aside, Rinku loves to trek, try new sports, read crazy, and of course.. GOT.

What Is Dynamic Creative Optimization And How It Works – Rinku From IIM Bangalore

  ‘You can’t be everything to everybody but you can be something to someone’ – Andrew Davis The above ubiquitous quote is a popular one that is emphasized in all marketing and advertising 101 classes. This means that you should send out a message that is relevant to your target segment. What this also means is that