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Sahil Dalia

Current Student | IIM Calcutta (Since 1961)

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Mahindra Diaries - The First Month - Sahil Dalia, IIM Calcutta

It was, at last, time for which every one of us was eagerly awaiting. After an exciting first week comprising of inspiring interactions and fun activities, we were ready to get immersed into the working culture of Mahindra. I find myself fortunate to be working with one of the pioneering

Mahindra Diaries - Week 1 - Sahil Dalia, IIM Calcutta

With a lot of excitement in heart and apprehensions in mind, I entered the grand premises of Mahindra Park on a bright Saturday afternoon. We were greeted with a welcome note and a box full of chocolates placed neatly on our respective beds. Spacious apartment with all the basic facilities