Author: Satyaki Mascharak

I am a very emotional person . I have my own perspective in dealing with things . I dont like people who have the habit of saying "cant say".I hate people who hate politics.I look down upon hypocrisy in any form.Che Guevara and Mohammad Yunus inspire me a lot.

The Great Indian B School Debate Semifinal Two – Football will overtake Cricket – IIFT Delhi FOR

The Indian tango with Football Before we kick things off, let me shoot with a few statistics which really make the rest of this article rather complementary. The Football World Cup – 2002 – 34 million Indian viewers 2006 – 50 million Indian viewers 2010 – 63 million Indian viewers 2014 -160 million Indian viewers.Indian viewers

Of PORs, Live-projects and much more .

This is an entry for The Great Indian B-School debate. Name: Satyaki Mascharak Team Name: The foreign Hand Team Member: Purvabh Surana Institute: Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. Article I am refuting: I , being a B-school student , value a few philosophies and philosophy of “Survival of Fittest” is one among them.