Author: Sayali Patil

Surrogate Marketing

Have you ever seen commercials promoting Bacardi Music CDs but can never seem to find the product anywhere? Does it make you wonder why? Read on to find out. These well-known liquor brands, similar to cigarette or tobacco brands, are banned from promotion campaigns. The brand managers of these products have thus devised a new

7 Deadly Sins of Branding

Pioneered by companies such as Heinz and Quaker Oats, the process of branding emerged as a way to enhance consumer perception of mass-produced goods. Brands added a human element to the product – people could put their trust in the brand itself. Today, brands have transformed the process of marketing into one of perception building.

How Characters from Harry Potter taught me Leadership – Part Three

This is a continuation of Sayali Patil’s series on leadership lessons from Harry Potter. Starting from Harry himself ( his courage, his ability to inspire, and the fact that he was trustworthy), we moved to the feared Lord Voldemort (never-say-die approach, ability to manage and execute) and then Albus Dumbledore (a master strategist and exemplar).

Big Billion Day: Did Flipkart Snap The Deal With Its Lack Of Preparation And Inadequacy?

The month of October witnessed the Indian e-commerce giants leaving no stone unturned to woo customers and gain a share of their wallet. The media was abuzz with news of the myriad offers and schemes that were being showered on customers. All of us, directly or indirectly, have been impacted by this rapidly escalating e-commerce