Author: Sharun Sanel

I am a continuum,yet constantly evolving over time.I love creativity,exploring the different facets of life like dancing,debate and writing.I worked as a Business Analyst in Accenture,before joining IMT. "Follow your Inner Moonlight,Don't Hide the Madness"

Spirituality In Management

India is a country rich in heritage and diversity, the ancient Indus valley civilization is an example where culture and tradition unearthed talent for the betterment of the society. The talent was managed with wisdom and understanding. The Gurukhula system of learning inculcated respect for seniors along with obedience and practical learning. Indians had long

SSR – The Game Changer Of IMT Ghaziabad

Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad (IMTG) is India’s premier AACSB accredited management school with impetus on grooming Leadership through Innovation, Execution and Social Responsibility. Today, IMTG is the proud alma mater of more than 300 C-suite executives and being “IMTagged” is a responsibility of royal order! “With Great Power comes, Great Responsibility”. The winds of

Age Of Internet Of Things – The Management Perspective

We are in the world of Information and Connectivity. Don’t we all know that our cell phones that continually gathers data about our whereabouts and activities? An expansive scope of organised data gathering gadgets are progressively being deployed in the public space, including CCTV cameras; ads and vending machines furnished with biometric sensors; and the

IMTagged With Bazinga – Sharun Sanel’s Take On IMT Ghaziabad The Big Bang Theory Style

My existence is a continuum, so I’ve been what I am at each point in the implied time period. Bye Bye, Oompa-Loompas of science, it’s time to manage resources with this esteemed MBA. I love the intricacies that come with intertwining myself with the complexities of the universe. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s an honour for me, Sheldon Cooper