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Shresth Mehta

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Shresth Mehta, TAPMI

Shresth Mehta, TAPMI

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Beating Depression - TAPMI, Shresth Mehta

By far, biggest problem I have over come is depression.I’m very fortunate to have very loving family who provided me with all the luxuries like home, gadgets, good food etc. I love home cook food and was very comfortable staying at home.I moved out of home after I got my

Small Things in Life - TAPMI, Shresth Mehta

I believe Hindalco Industries Limited is one of the best company from Aditya Birla Group that has been part of my life from very long time. It’s one of the world’s largest Aluminum rolling company. Freshwrapp is one of the brands managed by the company which produces Aluminum foils.From packing