Author: Shyam Sunder RamaKrishnan

Microsoft, Mobile and Why Microsoft should have bought Slack

I for one, totally buy Microsoft’s positioning as the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud first world. I think it’s an excellent business opportunity, and although the prospect of selling to corporate executives in dull suits may not inspire a fanatic fan-following among the masses, it is the right thing to do

Excel Tips and Tricks – How to Automatically Download Index Data from NSE – Part One

The real reason behind investment banking’s insanely long hours is actually a dirty secret. Outwardly, most see it as a sort of machismo to be exuded by the banking community so that they can continue to enjoy their pre-eminent status over the rest of humanity. It is also seen as a coming-of-age ritual for bright

Everything you wanted to know about Bitcoin – a brilliant technological breakthrough

On Bitcoin, most of the world will usually fall into one of two opposing camps. In one camp are the technologists who comprehend the true nature and the full potential of this innovation. These are believers who unfortunately refuse to acknowledge any weakness in the Bitcoin system. In the other camp are complete naysayers –