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Uberisation Of Work

Are you looking forward to working in an economy driven by freedom and flexibility? Are you dreaming of freelancing but still being able to operate as an entrepreneur? Well, then gig the way forward. The disruptive attitude of the millennials has led to the need for uberisation.In the prevailing conditions

NSE Guest Lecture At IMI Kolkata By Mr. Chandrashekhar Mukherjee, Chief People Officer Of NSE

Mr. Chandrashekhar Mukherjee the Chief People Officer of National Stock Exchange intoxicated the students of International Management Institute, Kolkata, with his atypical wisdom on the corporate life that awaits the would be management graduates. The session was a vibrant one extending its frontiers beyond the academic niche. Many interesting insights

Impact Of Technology On Human Resource Management And What Lies Ahead

Human Resource is no longer just a supporting function of an organization – with the growing importance of human capital and its management in the corporate setup, HR is now a collection of highly specialized and essential capabilities, each with distinct goals, needs, and tasks.The advent of technology has changed

Growth Of Non Performing Assets In The Indian Banking System

Banks are the nucleus of any economy. It is a prerequisite to have a healthy banking industry to put the economy in the growth trajectory. However, with the structured loans turning bad and an exponential increase in the non-performing assets of the bank, the industry has been pushed into a