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Learning From The Best In Every Field – SPJIMR Mumbai

Education with a holistic perspective is concerned with the identification of a person’s unique talent, allows a person to be exposed to a myriad of diverse opinions and polish one’s persona. Undeniably, the growing need for well -rounded individuals at the workplace cannot be stressed upon enough. At SPJIMR, emphasis on holistic development and diversity

Design Thinking – The Future Of Workplaces As A Course At SPJIMR, Mumbai

Designing umbrella carrying drones, women safety bands and product quality monitors in business schools? Whoa, that’s creative! But wait a minute, isn’t this supposed to be a ‘b-school?’ Isn’t ‘Creativity’ beyond the realm of b-schools? These are some of the stereotypes which we lived with. Business education is logical and rational, while creativity is the

3 Job-Landing Lessons From An SPJIMR Student From His Internship Experience At Godrej

3 Dialogues, 2 Months, 1 Internship – The Godrej Way Disclaimer: This blog is not about the internship project, or about the internship company. It’s about the intern: three dialogues he heard from people he met, the inner talk his monkey-mind had soon after, and the learnings he picked up eventually. Dialogue #1: “We seem to have

How A Fresher Got Into SPJIMR And What Happened Afterwards – Mythbuster Edition

“SPJIMR gives preference to students with work experience” or worse, “SPJIMR admits only applicants with work experience” These were, unfortunately, some of the statements made by people when I told them that I was applying to the institute. The reason behind such statements is half-knowledge. And as the famous saying goes: “Half-knowledge is more dangerous