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We are the team behind your favourite platform.

We are the team behind your favourite platform.

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Why Alcohol Companies Indianised Their Products | Glocal Strategies with Rajesh Srivastava

Continuing the conversation, an IIM Bangalore alum and a corporate trainer Rajesh Srivastava talk further about the changing paradigm of business in the world. From changing definition of sales, different approaches are taken by companies to put employees in a close-knit environment to get the maximum out of the available

Konversations Cafe is back in Delhi! Register Now!

Yes, you read it right. Konversations Cafe is back with a promise to help you understand ‘how an MBA prepares you to think differently’. When it comes to an MBA, a lot of doors open up for the future. People from different backgrounds come in with diverse ideas and streamline

MBA Is An Experience; Not Just A Degree - Amit Grover, IIM Indore, IIT Delhi

From corporate finance and angel investments to entrepreneurship. From getting checks signed for budding startups to starting up oneself. Sounds poetic right? But that’s just what Amit Grover, IIM Indore and IIT Delhi Alum, Founder of AHA Taxis did. In this video, he answers various questions from how an MBA

What Is The Unscored Experimental Section On The GRE?

Planning on studying abroad? GRE is certainly on your list of exams to take to ensure that you can get into a good university. However, GRE has something that is unique to GRE: the unscored sections. So what’s the point of having extra sections which won’t even be scored? How