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We are the team behind your favourite platform.

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The Shocking Reality of Placements At IIMs

Are MBA students forced out of the placements process? If yes, why? How credible are the recruitment figures in the placement reports that business schools publish on their websites? How do business schools, including top-ranked IIMs, manipulate placement reports? Do placement reports outright lie to you? Why is it that

How I Converted IIM Indore, SPJIMR, MDI Despite Gap Year On My CV | CATapult Ep. 8

Worried about a work gap raising questions in your MBA college interviews? Struggling to prepare for CAT after quitting your job? Want to know how to build your profile during your work gap? In this episode of CAT-apult, Debrup Poddar, a 99.11%iler in CAT 2020, shares his journey of quitting

Some IIMs Report Decrease In Average Salary Offered | Placements At Top-Ranked IIMs In 2021

Placements at the top IIMs have now concluded, with IIM Calcutta being the final IIM to release its latest placement report for the batch of 2021. Now that the fog has cleared, the question everyone is asking is: were the top-ranked IIMs immune to the effects of the pandemic? To

CA vs CFA vs MBA - Work, Pay, Opportunities, Growth & Experience | Conversation On Careers

Finance comes with a plethora of career choices. CA, CFA, and MBA are chosen by many as their professional fields. But how do these careers compare with each other? What kind of opportunities, career trajectories, growth, and pay does offer over time? To answer these questions and more, join us