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We are the team behind your favourite platform.

We are the team behind your favourite platform.

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30 Days To CAT 2019 | Live Webinar With CEO, MBA Group At Career Launcher

30 days to go for CAT 2019. Life just got a whole lot tougher. Should I do only Mock CATs now that we have only 30 days? Should I leave some of the topics that I am weak in? My scores in two sections are good, but I am not

CAT Preparation Tips By 99.54%iler And IIM Lucknow Student | Webinar

With just 30 days to go for CAT 2019, it’s time to pull up your socks and focus. But wait, what to focus on? And how to make sure you’re doing all the right things so that you can crack CAT 2019 satisfactorily? The answer lies with CAT toppers and

Pricing & Negotiation Wars | Game Theory - Explained - Prof. Sumit Sarkar, XLRI Jamshedpur

Decision making is an art and a science. It requires intuition as well as method. And one of the methods used by business leaders to make strategic decisions is Game Theory. Used extensively in economics and politics alike, game theory is the science of predicting various probable outcomes of any

Definitive Reading List For 35 Days To CAT - 35+ Resources

This is it. The last 35 days to one of the most important examinations of your life. The test that will determine whether you will get into a top b-school this year or not. No matter how you are performing in your mocks right now, you still have 35 days