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Students were in for a surprise in this year’s IIFT exam. The exam underwent a major change in terms of the number of sections available for the students to answer. The earlier avatar or IIFT had only 4 sections – DI/LR, EU/RC, QA, GK. This year, however, the sections were further split into DI and

Rules, Terms And Conditions For Contest – Bade Bade Campus Ki Chhoti Chhoti Stories – By entering the Contest, entrants consent to the use of their names, biographical information, Entries, images and/or likenesses in any manner and in any medium for any purpose in connection with the Contest, including worldwide, without additional compensation, except where

Cold Logic Over Lofty Emotions – Right Attitude To Cracking CAT Here’s a video that reminds us that CAT day is not about some lofty emotions. It’s in fact about taking the emotion out of it. What if I don’t get this right? How do I think my best friend would do in this test?

What Is Your ‘Lakshya’? Cracking CAT can’t be it. In our generation when any ambition can be realised and any distraction can be pursued, we often spend years wandering about in search of that one ambition we could die for. Our Lakshya. Remember that cracking the CAT can’t be it. CAT is just a means

What Are The Typical Characteristics Of Millennials And Why It Matters In the second post of our micro-series on generational segmentation, we cover the characteristics of Millennials. Generation Y, also known as Millennials, are those who are born between 1980 and 2000. This generation represents Digital Natives and are considered more distracted than their older

CAT 2017, 26th Nov – Slot 1 (9 to 12noon) Quant 2Qs – Coordinate Geometry 3Qs – Profit Loss 2Qs – Logarithms 1Q – Mensuration 1Q – Inequation 1Q – Maxima Minima 2Qs – AP 3Qs – Percentages 1Q – Mensuration + Percentage 1Q – Triangles 1Q – Upstream Downstream 1Q – Circle 1Q –

What Business Are You In?  Remember the time before your phone’s camera was all you needed to capture special moments? Families purchased digital cameras to take along on holidays. And even before that? The good ol’ film cameras from names such as Kodak and Canon. Do you ever wonder why a company like Kodak didn’t

It’s Not Talent Or Aptitude That Will Help You Crack The CAT You look at the IITian next to you in your coaching classes. He solves math problems in his sleep. You look at the humanities student, she solves the kind of RCs you have never encountered in your entire life. But come exam day,

Typical Characteristics Of Gen Z And What It Means For A Marketeer In the third post of our micro-series on generational segmentation, we cover the characteristics of Gen Z. Generation Z represents those who are born after the year 2000. Digital is a part of the DNA of this segment. In fact, some would say

What Is Generational Segmentation? In the Konversations office, all of us fall within the age bracket of 23-31 years. Our likes and dislikes around food or music are broadly similar, and office banter mostly relate-able for everyone. The Swiggy delivery guy comes to our office every half hour because almost everyone calls for food at