Author: Ashima Gaur

Ashima Gaur hails from Delhi. Creative, determined, enthusiastic and passionate, she is currently pursuing her MBA-Business Management from XIMB, 2018-2020 batch. She interned and got a Pre-Placement Offer with Becton Dickinson for her Summers' Project in the field of Marketing. At XIMB, she is a part of EXEMPLAR, the competitions committee, which aids the preparation for the corporate case competitions of 700+ students. Basketball gives her a kick and she is a part of XIMB Basketball Team. Conversations going in her head are far more interesting than actual ones, so she pens them down!

Dear Procrastination, Let’s Break-up! : Escaping The Doom Loop & Becoming More Productive

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, to procrastinate means to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring. Leaving something important to do last minute is a classic example of this. It could be for any reason; but what matters is knowing why you do it, and most importantly, how

Cut To The Case: Strategies For Acing Your Next Business Case Competition

If you think a business degree is about sitting bored in lecture halls and auditoriums, think again. To prepare for business schools, students gear up for lecture room cold-calling, months of career recruiting, and enough networking to last a lifetime. What many MBA students don’t anticipate are case competitions. An often-underrated way to derive value