Author: PGPEX IIM Calcutta

PGPEX is IIM Calcutta's One Year Residential Program for Executives gives mid-career professionals the ideal platform to augment their existing skill sets as they endeavor to armor themselves for senior and top management roles in the industry. The program, since its inception in 2006, has spawned alumni who have demonstrated excellence in the leadership positions that they have occupied in their organizations.

Everything You Need To Know About Negative Interest Rates – Pamela Ghosh, IIM Calcutta PGPEX

Why would any economy want to have a negative interest rate??? Early 2016, when the Bank of Japan adopted negative interest rate to stimulate economic growth and raise inflation, the entire global market was shocked. So, was I. In the first look, this move appeared counter-intuitive. But history speaks otherwise. This is not the first

‘It Has The Highest ROI Among The Top IIMs Offering Similar Kind Of Programmes’ – My Journey To IIMC PGPEX

#Throwback My journey for an MBA began almost a year ago when I first booked the appointment for GMAT following months of contemplation. After working for eight years in the industry it dawned on me that with my experience alone I would not be able to move up the corporate ladder at an accelerating pace.

Lattice 2016: “Make It Happen” – IIM Calcutta PGPEX

As the quote by Michael Jordan states “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen and others Make It Happen”. On Saturday, 17 September influential leaders from diverse industries gathered at the IIM Calcutta campus to exchange and share views on “thought leadership” in business, at the PGPEX annual business symposium, Lattice which