Author: Vaibhav Anand

Five Books You Need To Read To Understand The Gandhi Family And Congress

Ram Guha laments in his magnificent – “India After Gandhi” that any history after Independence is seen as ‘sociology’ or ‘political science’ by Indian historians, which clearly is a fallacy. All history is history. Since the Congress (and by extension: the Gandhi family) ruled India for most of its post-independence years, it is but natural

The unbearable lightness of human beings: Why I read and why you should too!

Most people function as if they are eternal. They go through their assumed eternal lives chasing things that are hardly eternal; chasing careers, money, foreign postings… women. They become Assistant Managers and Managers and Associate Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents and if they are lucky, one day, they become something that sounds important enough to

Rahul Gandhi doing things

To my utter surprise (and eventual delight), I discovered that there is now an official “Rahul Gandhi” Facebook page. Also (not) surprisingly the page has a zillion funny photos of Rahul Gandhi. The middle aged youth leader fails miserably in looking anywhere close to serious in his pictures. But then again, anything Rahul Gandhi does