Author: Vinti Narula

Battle # 3: Marijuana should be legalised-Counterpunch to IIFT Delhi’s opening argument (For the motion) by MDI Gurgaon (Against the motion)

Quoting the first paragraph sent by our worthy opponents, 6th of November 2012 , 10th December­­______________  legalize Marijuana respectively. I think intuitively our prediction of your opening line of the article was bang on, and our opening line serves as an apt counter punch to what you have written. I mean seriously just because Saudi

A good manager sans numbers

MDI, Gurgaon, Team Name: Ruskin, Team Mate: Debayan Roy, Link to the article being refuted, *START* Prof. Maurizio Poli mentions in his interview that you can not be a good manager without being good at numbers. The article below encapsulates a different view point to it. The core meaning of the word manager means