Author: Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB)

Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB) was established in accordance with the Xavier University Act 2013 and was inaugurated on the 7th of July 2014. XUB is India’s first digital University and an institution of higher learning for imparting professional and technical education. It is a self-financing institution imparting professional and technical education. XUB has 8 Schools that offer world-class education in different fields. XIMB offers an MBA in Business Management, Global Management and Executive programs. Xavier School of Human Resource Management (XAHR), erstwhile XIMB-HRM, offers the MBA-HRM program. MBA-RM is offered by the Xavier School of Rural Management (XSRM), erstwhile XIMB-RM. MBF- Master of Business Finance is offered by Xavier School of Commerce, MBA-SM by Xavier School of Sustainability (XSoS) and MBA-UMG by Xavier Center of Urban Management and Governance. The Xavier School of Sustainability, Xavier School of Commerce, Xavier Center of Urban Management and Governance, Xavier School of Economics, Xavier School of Computer Science and Engineering, and the Xavier School of Communications offer different postgraduate and undergraduate programs.

Internship Diaries – My Journey So Far! – Sahiti Pandey – XSRM

Rural Yellow Times Pvt Ltd is a marketing company which is into rural promotions, international exhibitions and campaigns. During my internship, I was assigned to work upon several small projects. I made my contribution to the planning, organizing and conducting events in order to promote services provided by my company. The other project assigned to

Journey Of Boundless Learning At Vedanta Limited – Adyasha Panigrahi – XAHR

With the notification popping on my phone screen and nerves full of excitement,  I hurriedly read the offer letter asking me to join from 8 th April’2019. The big curve on my face suddenly narrowed down when I confusingly gazed at the location – Vedanta Limited, Lanjigarh! Never did I know that the upcoming two

Driven By Enthusiasm And Hard Work – Summer Internship Diaries – Cyril Bastin M – XSRM

My internship at Kudumbashree NRO is about Digital Marketing and supply chain of Kudumbashree’s e-commerce portal. There are days that passed with uncertainty, cluelessness, lack of clarity on how the project untwines itself. A project in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce supply chain was relatively new for me. On choosing this project, it was a roller

The Only Thing Constant Is Change – Nipunya Panda – XSRM

It is almost funny how little one observes when a set of conducts and choices, largely governed by one’s own personal range of emotions and perceptivity, gets metamorphosed. Although, that is principally subconscious in most cases and typically, an outcome of a dominant environment for a prolonged period of time that influences a sense of

Xavier School Of Rural Management (XSRM) – Final Placements – Class Of 2019

The Xavier School of Rural Management (XSRM) Final Placements report for the Class of 2019 has been released! A total of 112 students participated in the final placements process at XSRM this year. Highlights of the placement report For Xuberance’19, maximum jobs were offered by the BFSI sector constituting 36.4% of all offers made. Xuberance’19