The Avengers Join IIM Sirmaur

Remember the proverb “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”? It turns out that this proverb has a B-school version that goes like “Tell me how crazy your batchmates are and I will tell you who you are”. The following content describes four of my batchmates from the PGP 2018-20 batch of IIM Sirmaur. Apparently, these people were found guilty of getting most people’s attention with their unique back stories and mannerisms. I compare them with “The Avengers”. Each of them in a way or other can be related to a character from “The Avengers”.


Rahul Goel:

In the movie when Thor was offered the throne by Odin, he refuses to it saying he actually wanted to be a part of the public and help the common people rather than becoming the king. Well, Rahul Goel has a similar story to share with. His family is from Punjab. They run a factory there and are quite famous around his region. He completed his B. Tech. in 2015. After that, he was made to join the family business. At a very young age, Rahul did excel in improving the profits. But monetary profit was not his main goal. He wanted to do something for the society. He didn’t want to live in the shadow of his family’s name. He wanted to do something just and that too by himself. So he made his brother run the business and went on to become a physics teacher for a year. He gathered a team of youngsters and started teaching the children of the underprivileged from his region which still runs. He is an inspiration at every level.


Vivek Diwakar:

Vivek is one of the most pious boys you can ever come across in your life. He is very kind and gentle to everyone and everything, not just towards human beings. He is an outstanding altruistic pet enthusiast. He has an asylum for orphaned pets and stray animals at his home. He has a mysterious way of bonding with animals. Even in Sirmaur when we go out, one can find him surrounded by the stray dogs who shake their tail very fast as a sign of love and loyalty. One of his life time goals is to start a world wide pet animal NGO. When I first met him I thought he is a rude person mainly because of his huge physique and angry look. That day he had green shoes, a green bag and wore a green striped track pant. I asked him why everything is in green and his reply was that he likes green. I could not think of anyone better than hulk to relate him with except for the emotional part which is in stark difference to that of hulk.


Vishal Saraogi:

Vishal is a Bangalore resident with a strong IT background. Upon closer introspection, one can find that this former IT guy is more than just a techie. He is a serial traveller. He has travelled and lived in a total of 15 states of India. Very good at mingling. Speaks five human languages and writes 4 machine languages. A fast learner if he puts his heart in it. It all reminded me of Natasha or the Black widow. But my rationality suggested not to compare him with the black widow, basically because he is a guy and Natasha is a female character. A couple of days back I saw him watching a video. In that, a man was teaching some language through English. I enquired Vishal what it is and his reply was he is trying to learn Russian.


Rahul Yadav:

A Delhi guy who taught computers to himself, Rahul pursued his UG at Christ University, Bangalore. An avid hiker, he climbed the likes of mount Antra Gange and Sathuragiri to name a few. An awesome football player, he has represented his state in the under 17 category at National level football games. A secret blogger who writes mostly about football and travelling, Rahul has great looks and is a heartthrob for many. One can relate him to Tony Stark and do not even ask why.

They are some of my batchmates who have accomplished more than just something in their lives. All of them are from different walks of lives. They are from different states, backgrounds and have different aspirations. But all of them wanted to take their achievements to the next level and IIM Sirmaur has united them. Remember when Nick Fury said “the world needs Avengers”? Well, I would like to let you all know this. The world need managers and IIM Sirmaur is the right place to find them.


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– Rameswaran

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team.