B-school Gyaan From An Amazon Manager And An IIM Rohtak Alumnus


Pranit Upadhyay is a 2011-13 batch pass-out of Indian Institute of Management Rohtak. He has majored in Marketing and Strategy. Public Relations Team, IIMR got an opportunity to interact with him.


Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Greetings from Public Relation Cell. Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

Thank you for connecting with me. I am currently working with Amazon.in as a Business Development Manager in Mumbai. After passing out from IIM Rohtak in 2013, I joined Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd as a management trainee and was promoted to Area Sales Manager in a year.


We are just a couple of months into IIM Rohtak. Could you offer some advice to students who are going to appear for Summer Internship Interviews?

Many students must already be well versed with the basic questions that are asked in any interview.

From my personal experience and interaction with recruiters, it is important not to over or under-sell one’s ability. The recruiters are aware of the level of knowledge that the new entrants in a B-school possess. Hence, they are more inclined towards checking the attitude and willingness to learn. In addition to this, it is very important to be well versed with every project, roles and responsibilities as well as extracurricular activities mentioned in one’s CV. A good foundation built on past accolades combined with a penchant for future learning should help one sail through the interviews.


What should a student expect from his summer internship? 

In my opinion, one should first understand the correlation between your summer and final placements. Major focus should be on learning and getting a letter of recommendation to certify a successful foray in corporate world as a management student. If one feels that they are enjoying the work, then the onus is on students to get a PPO. It is necessary to slog hard so as to create a good impression of yourself and more importantly, of your college. I interned with E&Y and tried to work on as many projects and minute tasks that I could get my hands on. While those were not directly related with my profile in Mother Dairy, many research assignments performed during the internship helped me hone my analytical skills.


When should an MBA aspirant ideally decide on which stream to take?

While there are some students who are clear about their specialization before joining a B-school, a majority of them keep their decision on hold. The first year curriculum is hence devised to give students a taste of all the aspects of management. It is important to test their aptitude in each stream before coming to a conclusion. There should not be any rush in taking the final call. Summer internship experience confirms your interest in a particular specialization.


You have made a successful transition from IT to Marketing field. What is your advice to students from different backgrounds who want to switch to Marketing?

First of all, students should reflect if they really are interested in the field they want to switch to. There are many pros of joining the industry that you have worked in as you are well versed with the ins and outs of the same. However, if one is passionate to dwell into unchartered domains, it will require some extra efforts put into understanding the subjects. In the long run however, your background does not affect your career.


What were the learnings at IIM Rohtak that have so far been most helpful in your career?

The wholesome and rigorous period of 2 years at IIMR was a life-long learning for my corporate career. Like everyone, I sometimes thought that the pressure in a B-school is enormous. But, the same grows exponentially when you get into an organization outside the safe confines of the classroom. Hence, it is important to positively utilize these experiences. Also, the faculties were great in mentoring and preparing us for the industry. I am still in touch with many of my professors and regularly reach out to them for mentorship.


What is your advice to the students at IIM Rohtak?

The major takeaway from my B-school has been the network I was able to build. Please do realize that while grades are important in the long run, it is the connections that you make that will reap benefits in your future. Many of our classmates are still in regular contact with one another and as a result, we get to have first-hand information about various important information and opportunities. Hence, one should not restrict themselves to their inner circle and keep on interacting with everyone in the campus be it seniors, juniors and even faculty members. Last but not least, make the best out of getting a last chance to lead an enriching college life and have fun.