Back To The Future – Connecting Physics With The Present Technologies

 Watching Hollywood seasons such as “The Arrow, The Flash and the blacklist” makes me realise that we are not much left behind in terms of technology innovation. At times, I feel, 10 years down the line, I could be one of them. This thought itself gives me goose bumps.

The world has always been interconnected. We took a longer time to realise it. The theory of supernova or string theory says the world is 10 dimensional. These dimensions had been known since SATYUGA. We are only discovering them now. Connecting physics with the present technology gives us a new idea to connect things. This is known as Internet of things.

Net connectivity has gained quite a reputation these days. 24 hours’ net availability is our requirement. Imagine if this net is also connected to every device we use. What if our floor sensitises our frequency match? Anytime an unknown walk in our house, alarm rings. Isn’t our life much safer and less complex? Already we have enough complexity in our relationships.

Let us understand in detail. We have to travel from our house to school on our scooty. The moment we sit on the scooty, it reads our mind and directs us toward our school. How simpler life becomes. All daily activities seem to happen on their own. The technology is not only making work easier for us but is also saving a lot of our time. This saved time is for our loved ones. See no complaints from this side also. Win win situation.

We can also have intelligent shopping systems. They guide us what to buy per the latest trends and our body shape. This system also depicts the future trend and kind of saves our energy. What if these intelligent artificial technologies itself develops a better version of itself?

This point is yet to be thought about.

Enough about us. Does it have any impact on the environment?

Environment and nature are the two issues that need maximum focus these days. They can also control these major disasters. Inducing sensors at different places to measure the polluted atmosphere place to place can actually help to curb it better. These sensors will keep informing us the polluted level and remind us about the effort required.

Benefits is that all I can get from these words. But if it’s a cake walk, why have not we achieved it yet?

The answer is very simple. Inventions and innovations are taking place. But at a huge cost. These technologies are not so cheap to be within the reach of everyone. People are working on it to make it the world’s future. The days of going back in time and coming back are not far. Who knows our discovery might lead the future generations!

Connectivity is not new. It’s just a better vision of tomorrow. The best is yet to come.





Roshni Khatri