Batch Profile of PGP 2015-17 Batch at IIM Raipur

Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management is two-year full-time MBA course provided by Indian Institute of Management Raipur. The PGP class of 2016 is the sixth batch of the programme. The batch has 140 participants from diverse backgrounds. Many participants have rich work experience in global brands while others are from the prestigious undergraduate colleges who bring fresh perspective to the programme. The pedagogy is designed in such a way that the participants can utilize their diverse background to gain maximum learning. PGP course at IIM Raipur has one of the highest gender diverse batches among all IIMs. This is the first step by the institute towards gender equality.

At present gender ratio at IIM Raipur stands at 68:32 with 96 male and 44 female participants. The institute appreciates wide-ranging educational backgrounds along with parity in gender ratio. Current batch at IIM Raipur has experience from varied domains, which mainly includes engineering from pan Indian institutes, medicine, commerce, architecture, economics, public administration, biotechnology, statistics and pharmacy. Course participants are admitted to the institute based on certain criteria with set cut off.  Each criteria is attached with weightage there by taking into account of all vivid and varied aspects of candidate. After successfully accomplishing the comprehensive admission process, candidate rejoices converts in IIM Raipur and is ready to seek new goals in 2 years life of IIM Raipur

The present batch holds work experience in diverse industries such as Consulting, Automobiles, IT, Consumer Electronics, Banking, Steel & Power and Telecom. 50% of the batch holds work experience varying from less than six months to more than four years. Even though experience in engineering background is dominating, it is in decreasing trend. Students from different spheres such as basic science pursuing MBA in the current batch is encouraging. This will enhance learning as students from various back ground can provide different perspective during classroom discussions. As institute makes use of case based teaching method, work experience in diverse industry will help in developing better analysis.

As the inception of the institute is to create the job providers for the country, encouraging the batch in this regard becomes essential. The batch holds entrepreneurial zeal with many students having prior experience with start-ups. As students are from premier institutes with superior technical skills, innovation among the batch is very high. The Institute believes in preparing ethical leaders who are not only committed to business, commerce and industry but are also socially conscious towards their contribution in nation building. The batch consists of students who were involved in providing education in rural area and who served society as NCC cadets. So, presence of such students who have worked for betterment of society through various ways makes the institute stronger.

Over all the PGP batch of 2016 is one of the best in all aspects. The batch is representative in terms of diversity in state of origin as well as urban and rural India. It has the participants who are from diverse educational background along with different industries. The gender ratio has improved compared to previous batches and this will be the small step by the Institute towards achieving parity in gender ratio. The Institute has chosen the best batch possible in order to justify the course offered using various parameters. So, the composition of PGP batch of 2016 is an effort by the Institute to contribute to the society with educational excellence.