Battle # 3: Marijuana should be legalised-Counterpunch to IIFT Delhi’s opening argument (For the motion) by MDI Gurgaon (Against the motion)


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Purvabh Surana

Oh look! There is a spark of reason from where all that judgment flows. Along with the irony of mention the exact same countries we’d use to describe their perspective. There’s this uncanny resemblance, between how Saudi Arabia processes logic, and how our esteemed opponents go about it. Like how, some of the most pro human rights, and most progressive countries are considering the legalization of marijuana, so of course lets draw a senseless, meaning less connect to some of the most vehemently dogmatic, human rights-stomping and generally-dismissive-of-human-choice-regimes in the world. Because, you know, they’re both countries. I must commend the senseless prudish generalization & exaggeration that my opponents so consistently display, whether it’s drawing equals between holding a honest discussion looking at world trends & systematic denial of human rights, or guilelessly implying how marijuana users turn in to cocaine users. Because, of course,a better part of 2.5% percent of the world population is addicted to cocaine, right? (“About 147 million people, 2.5% of the world population, consume cannabis (annual prevalence) compared with 0.2% consuming cocaine and 0.2% consuming opiates” - WHO)

28 Aug, 2014 |

Purvabh Surana

In reply…a potent threat to society. Sigh. You might not consider our opinions worthy of your notice, but pray at least do us the honour of once reading through them before start the whole song & dance routine. We’ve already conclusively address the gateway drug point, but no matter, for your benefit – “Many people mistakenly believe that marijuana use precedes rather than follows initiation of other illicit drug use. In fact, most drug use begins with alcohol and nicotine before marijuana, making nicotine and alcohol the two most common drugs of abuse. Evidence indicates marijuana is usually not the first substance abused before more dangerous illicit drug experimentation. A study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of School Health has concluded that the theory of a gateway drug is not associated with marijuana, but rather one of the most damaging and socially accepted drugs in the world, alcohol.” - Constance Scharff, Ph.D. is the Senior Addiction Research Fellow and Director of Addiction Research at Cliffside Malibu Treatment Center Also, I’d love to address “already put down data, backed by research” , but clearly we mean different things by already put down. Not that we qualify our data being “backed by research”, since that’s the only kind of data you ought to use, but hey, you’re allowed some slack on crusades right?

28 Aug, 2014 |