BCG – Interview Experience #3

Continuing our Interview Experiences series, this time we have a Consulting Interview Experience. BCG is a Day Zero company at all the campuses it visits, and is a dream destination for the consult aspirants.

Stay tuned for more upcoming experiences, as we have other Consulting interviews followed by Finance, Marketing and GenMan interviews lined up. You can also check out previous years’ experiences here.


Consulting Interview Experience

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Business School IIM Lucknow

Number of Rounds – 2 Rounds

Round 1: Began straight with the case.

Case: Your client is a fruits and vegetables retailer who is facing inventory management issues.

Case Analysis

Identified that the problem could either be surplus or wastage. Understood the inventory procurement and management system. Took a sample fruit for a given week and proceeded with inventory optimization. Developed alternative inventory plans and selected the best one. Then asked to synthesize.


Round 2: The interviewer didn’t have my CV. He preferred a brief introduction. Why consulting? Probed about other shortlists and interviews I had. You must be having a busy day. How many interviews are you through with?

Case: A 20-25 slide PPT. The client is a Dairy farming corp. based out of Western Europe.  Its current market is almost saturated. The client wants to expand its existing operations. It has several markets within dairy under consideration. Evaluate the prospects.

Case Analysis

They opened an elaborate PPT and walked me through the slides. It was a Dairy Farming Corp. based out of Western Europe and we looked at acquisition targets across 4 markets. After 10 minutes of running me through a number of tables and graphs, I was given a minute to think and recommend the best option for the client.

What do you think went right in this interview?

R1: I answered to the point and was quick with my analysis. Seemed like they had no time to waste.

R2: Didn’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Concluded with a recommendation and case synthesis.

What do you think went wrong in this interview?

R2: Data overflow. There was too much data to comprehend.

Anything else you may want to add:

  1. Respond to the tone of the interviewer.
  2. Being composed is definitely one of the top 2 things that matter.

Final Verdict Offered


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