BCG offers 10 PPOs. Mckinsey & Co. and Bain offer PPOs to all Interns – IIM Calcutta Pre-Placement Offers Update

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Pre Placement Offers inundate IIM Calcutta: Top Management Consulting Firms recruit in large numbers

The summer placements for the IIM Calcutta PGP batch of 2012-14 had seen an unprecedented rise in the number of participating firms in November last year. In less than two months, since the end of internship season, the batch of 2012-2014 has received a teeming number of Pre Placement Offers (PPOs), with some firms offering PPOs to all of their IIM Calcutta interns. Recruiting firms are delighted with the summer internship performance of the batch and the students are now reaping the benefits of the hard work they had put in over the course of their internship.

Management Consulting firms have led the pack both in the number of PPOs and in the PPO conversion rate at IIM Calcutta. The top 4 management consulting firms alone have offered 27 PPOs, out of a total of 30 interns, which translates to a staggering 90% conversion rate. Both McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company have offered full time positions to all their interns from IIM Calcutta making it the only B-School to have a 100% PPO conversion rate in these firms. The Boston Consulting group has offered 10 PPOs. AT Kearney has made 4 PPOs.

This initial wave of PPOs also includes offers from esteemed firms such as Hindustan Unilever, Microsoft, Accenture Management Consulting, Royal Bank of Scotland, Aditya Birla Group and Flipkart. M.H. Alshaya Co. offered PPOs, international offers based out of Kuwait, to all its 6 IIMC interns.

The quality of students at IIM Calcutta attracts diverse recruiters thereby enabling students to choose from a wide array of career opportunities. Piramal Group has offered a PPO to a doctor pursuing his MBA at IIM C. Facebook and multinational conglomerate, Mondelez International, have offered Pre Placement Interviews to 2 and 4 interns (respectively) from IIM Calcutta. First time recruiters during the summer placement season have also extended PPOs such as Sutherland Global and Basix, a livelihood promotion institution.

Setting high standards is the hallmark of IIMC students and it is evident in their summer internship performance. More PPOs are expected as IIM Calcutta continues to reinforce its position as the top choice for both recruiters and students despite the weak macroeconomic scenario.

Total Number of offers as of 1st week of August 2013 stands at 58 (number includes 11 PPIs).


This release was created by the IIM Calcutta External Relations Cell

Have you taken our Recruitment Survey 2013 yet?  Time to rank companies!

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