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Most of you would relate to me when I say, “College days are the best!”

Well, I felt the same before my under-graduation days happened. It seems like you are thrown into a new world altogether where you have to survive. I have been the kind of girl who was always more inclined towards education and studies. Since childhood, I would prefer to be in my room and read books and do homework rather than going out with some friends and play in the park. Being the youngest in the family, I was brought up in a very protective environment and adjusting in a new college was a big task at hand. I got admitted to an all-girls college in North Campus, Delhi University and that’s where the story actually begins.

I believe that social media has paved the way to a lot of criticism and fantasies that are just fictitious. We see people living an ‘Almost Perfect’ life in Instagram Stories where they are either travelling very frequently or are partying every other day. This also raises the expectations of people in real life where they try to fit into this perfection- which means they want the perfect environment, perfect friends and in short, a perfect life.

Women especially are victims of such desire for perfection, and something similar happened to me as well. Body shaming has always been my weakest point. I have faced many instances regarding the same since childhood which actually grew when I went to undergraduate college. People expect you to have the perfect body, a perfect complexion and perfect height and when you fail to meet those standards, they try to show you that you are just not worth it. The pressure to lose weight, to grow height, to be that ‘Perfect Person’ is inexplicable. One tries to starve, diet, join gyms and a lot more under this pressure.

I had been through a lot of this while I was in the first year and that’s when I realized that I wanted to speak up. These issues had spread more due to the advent of social media and I believed that it is this platform only that I could express myself. This would help me in connecting with a lot of other people who have been through the same experiences.

Writing is something which I started as a leisure time activity while I was in school. I used to write articles for the school magazine, or write poems for some intra-school competitions. This inclination towards writing and my desire to express myself through the social media platform helped me in starting my own blog page on Instagram. I used this as a way to speak up regarding not only body shaming but also incidents about depression, teenage issues, etc. which I had noticed among people near me all throughout the years.

The blog page started gaining a lot of attraction and has gradually now reached to 20,000+ followers on Instagram. I believe that people, irrespective of them being a man or woman should be allowed to be themselves rather than forcing them to mould into a ‘Perfect Picture’ which eventually worsens the situation.

And I believe there should be that one thing in your life that you are very passionate about and which helps you in staying motivated towards your goal. I aspire to combine my two passions- Entrepreneurship and Writing in future so as to achieve the maximum level of satisfaction in life.

Blog page username (Instagram)- @theunspokenwordsofficial

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