The Beautiful City : MDI, Gurgaon

Born and brought up in the City Beautiful, Chandigarh which is known for its greenery, cleanliness and a planned architecture, I have always been scared of living in a region where there is a huge population which coincides with great pollution, both air and land. I got even more scared when I visited New Delhi in the month of February for my interviews. The roads were jammed, smoke emanating from the exhausts of all the vehicles; in my humble opinion, rolling down the window of one’s car should be considered a crime against self. This crime I did commit and kept on coughing and sneezing for hours given my allergies to dust and smoke.

Then, it was my turn to visit Gurugram. One of my uncles stays there and I spent the night before my interview at his place. I found the city no different from Delhi in terms of the pollution and dust. But, the inflection point came the next day. In the morning, I went to a Bschool known as MDI, Gurgaon. Once I entered the campus, I was in a different world altogether; no high rise buildings, no incessant traffic noise, a lot less dust and most importantly the lush green campus. I had my heart set on this campus the moment I stepped through the hallowed gates of the institute. I was at home.

After going through the interview process, there was always a part of me that believed and wanted to give one of the most important years of my life to the institute which felt like my home. Fortunately enough, I did get through and once I arrived at the campus, I went on a full exploration tour of the campus by my own. Not only did it have a golf course, the campus also boasted of a football ground, lush gardens, a fully equipped gym (which I hope to use when I master time management) and a couple of 24×7 canteens which was a blessing for a foodie like me.

Even after spending all the 22 years of my life in one city and at my home, MDI never made me feel away from it. It has been more than a month and I still keep asking my elder siblings who have had the experience of living away from home that “When does the Homesickness kick in?”, to which my Brother-in-Law who is an MDI alum replies “For you at MDI, never”.

Which ABG company?

Strong interest in the marketing sector and a learning mindset with the ability to quickly learn and adapt has inclined me towards Aditya Birla Fashion And Retail Limited. Fashion is something that I find very fascinating by nature and in depth knowledge of that sector as to how ABG manages such a wide range of brands covering different segments of customers is what piqued my interest. Directly connecting to the customers and satisfying their needs along with keeping the best interests of the company in the mind is what would give me fulfilment. My prior experience in organizations like AIESEC and Make A Difference would help me build relations and help interact, learn a