‘I’ Becomes ‘We’ When You Enter The IIM Ranchi Family – Surodeep Bhowmick’s Induction Memoir

Getting selected to IIM Ranchi, one of the premier b-schools in India is euphoric itself, but then the real challenge begins when you have to mix, work and compete with the best all at the same time.

Now, without much delay let me cut to the chase — the most interesting 10 days of my life! After our registration, we received a schedule for the much awaited “Induction Program“. Most of us had our registration 2-3 days before the Induction Program. So we got to know a few faces, few names and of course few personalities by then. Then came, 17th of June, 2017. The Induction program was held at the auditorium. Now, before I go into further details, let me give you a brief idea about the schedule. It comprised addresses from our Director, Prof. Shailendra Singh; various heads of departments, few preparatory sessions and interestingly enough, three management challenges. And boy, were we in for a treat!

After the Director’s address and a presentation on the journey of IIM Ranchi by Prof. Amarendu Nandy, the stage and the audience were taken for a roller coaster ride by Prof. Soumya Sarkar. From Sholay to Battleship Potempkin — we saw various movie clips and learnt about the various elements of the trade. We were left entertained yet perplexed — why are we watching movie clips at the Induction program of a management institute? Then dropped another bomb — Management Challenge 1. Make a short film of 5 minutes, within 24 hours, co-operating with 21 unknown people in your group on the following theme — “IREMPOKELY”. Wait, don’t run to Google the word right now! After coming up with various ideas, connecting among ourselves, shooting and editing — after working for more 24 hours straight for the first time and a sleepless night we came up with a short film that won the 1st runner up prize!


IIM Ranchi Students


The first achievement unlocked. https://youtu.be/_XRf4kb4J24 — here’s the link; now you can take a look at our pride, IREMPOKELY.

IREMPOKELY might not have made much sense at 11:30 am on 17th, but on 18th evening it defined the 21 of us. And the same goes for all the other groups as well for sure.

But this was just the beginning.

The next day we had a ‘KNOW YOUR CITY’ Challenge. Going on a city tour with the whole batch and having fun cannot be described using mere words. You will have to experience it to know how it feels. Management Challenge 2 helped us a lot to garner insights about the various disciplines of management as we got to set up kiosks for exhibitions and interact with seniors and faculty members. The preparatory sessions were very thoughtful and helpful sessions — but I won’t go into the academic discussions!


IIM Ranchi Students in front of Dhoni's house

In front of Dhoni’s House


I had a vice when I joined IIM Ranchi — I wasn’t punctual. But after being late for the sports meet (I won’t go into the details as I don’t want to embarrass myself any further), I have learnt my lesson — Deadlines are Sacrosanct. Now, I am a minute early to wherever I am supposed to be but never a minute late.

And now comes Management challenge 3 — the whole batch divided into Dance, Drama, Creatives and Music group prepared for the cultural evening that was supposed to be held on the final day! And the fun we had — inexplicable! From the word go till the standing ovation that the final music team got, it was once in a lifetime experience.

All those sleepless nights, all the efforts that went into everything, all the connections that we developed — it transformed us. Staying away from home for the first time in my life (being a fresher who pursued schooling and graduation from his hometown), I didn’t miss my home once till now. This is my home away from home. And the takeaway from this Induction Program — I am not I alone anymore, I am WE now, a Family — IIM Ranchi Family.


The author of this article is Surodeep Bhowmick, from batch 2017-19.

IIM Ranchi

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