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Let me share with you a behind the scenes conversation that I had with ‪‎Arunabh Kumar of ‪‎TVF. This will give you an insight into how he thinks! I am sure you will find it fascinating, insightful and refreshingly different!

-He graduated from ‪IIT Kharagpur. It breaks the myth that IIT’s produce only geeks and non-creative guys!

-He had a middle class upbringing in Bihar which he leveraged to his advantage by converting his experiences of growing up-years in Bihar into stories which he narrated on TVF, ‘ … we have stuck to being honest about telling our stories about our lives … this honesty is what people appreciate’. Bottom Line: Do things that you love, success should follow.

-Type of content: We believe in making content of the kind made by Raju Hirani (3 Idiots, PK) and not like Anurag Kashyap. This means that we tell our story the ‘sweet’ way, without resorting to cuss words & risqué content so that young people along with their whole family can view it without embarrassment.

-His father was against him even watching Bollywood films. His success in the entertainment industry has important lessons for all of us – sometime our parents too, can make mistakes.

-His life philosophy is to worry about things over which we have control and quit worrying about things over which we have little or no control.

-The strategy adopted for solving problems in India, ‘Throw money or people at problems to solve it … but in TVF we do not subscribe to it this strategy for solving problems’.

If you liked his take on life, then do take time out to view the conversation I had with him. It is sure to give you insights into how he made TVF into a phenomena and how you too can your dreams successful!




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