Behind The Screens Of SIP With Sony Pictures Networks

As FIFA is streamed and telecasted across multiple platforms, there is one aspect that always continues to capture my thoughts. It isn’t the hoards of supporters, the players, or even the goals scored for that matter. It’s the logo of Sony Ten, which brings back the cherished memories from my internship at the media haven, Sony Pictures Networks.

I was extremely fortunate to get an opportunity to intern at Sony Pictures Networks this summer. Having completed my graduation in media studies, media has always been a sector that I have admired and adored. The feelings I experienced when I walked into the office of Sony Pictures Networks cannot be translated into words. It was similar to the feelings Harry experienced while walking into Hogwarts, feeling that he belonged there while feeling equally awed and enamoured.

The welcome we received defines why Sony Pictures Networks is considered the best employer in the media and entertainment industry. The interns were introduced to the various domains of the organization, which helped us gain an idea regarding the functions at Sony Pictures Networks. Needless to say, we were enraptured by everything that we learned, where we went behind the screens to truly understand how the organization functions (this also included going behind the scenes of the show, CID, where we observed and learned the aspects of a shoot).

We had a session with the senior leadership as a part of our orientation. The involvement of the senior leadership in the internship program elucidates the culture of the organization. The open culture which urges the employees to be brave, visionary and curious by going-beyond in everything that they do is what sets them apart.

I was allotted a project in the CSR department since this is something that I have always been passionate about. I worked on launching an Employee Volunteering Program at Sony Pictures Networks, as a part of my project. During this time, I started reading up on the CSR initiatives being undertaken by the organization and the 3E’s – Empowerment, Education and Environment, which define these initiatives. Sony Pictures Networks has partnered with numerous NGOs and organizations to empower the underserved and underprivileged sections of the society. Being an organization in the media and entertainment sector, it empowers the marginalized sections of the society by leveraging sports and music. My visit to Game Changers, a 3-day event organized in collaboration with an NGO partner was an eye-opening experience. It depicted the impact that CSR can have in empowering individuals who directly and indirectly impact the society at large. Be it via education, wherein, children being catered to by the partner organizations receive equal opportunities to study and excel, or by conserving and protecting the environment, the organization constantly works towards creating a positive change in the society we live in.

CSR is something that is considered a priority by the organization, with multiple projects and associations paving the way for a better tomorrow for the society at large. My project in the arena of launching an employee volunteering program enabled me to witness the collaborative approach that exists in the organization. It is a place where learning occurs beyond the realms of textbooks and classroom learning. One thing that I can confidently say as I complete my internship is that I walk away learning more than I knew when I first walked into the building. At Sony Pictures Networks, learning happens every second with every interaction, discussion and idea generated. It’s probably one of the few organizations that provide the interns with a platform to present and discuss one’s ideations with the senior leadership. I can confidently say that presenting my ideas to the CEO and the CHRO at Sony Pictures Networks was an enriching experience for me, something that I will always carry forward.

Sony Pictures Networks engages numerous viewers across multiple screens every minute of every day. This is translated behind the screens when it comes to the summer internship program, where every opportunity is a platform and avenue for an engaging and enriching learning experience.

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International Management Institute, New Delhi