Being A Single Child A Bliss

Today I happened to speak to someone, when he came to know I was an only child, his first reaction was “ooooh the spoilt pampered one ha?” . This is not the first time I am getting such reactions from people who don’t know me well. Hence, I thought of sharing my experience of being a “not-so-spoilt only child”.

I have always been around people who aren’t the only child in their family. They always complain about how annoying their little sister is, how bossy their elder brother is or how mum loves my brother more and dad pays extra pocket money to his darling daughter than the son. However, I was always the audience and never really had any such complaint to crib about or scars to show given by a loving sibling while mimicking John Cena of WWE!!! I always wondered how it would have felt to have a sibling. A sibling to share my room with, share my parents’ attention and love, exchange clothes with, share secrets with, fight till mother warns entering the room, share my chocolates with (well this one is too much to ask for). My friends always considered me as the lucky one as I got what I want from my parents. But sadly they are mistaken. Being an only child has its pros and cons just like having siblings does! Well, let’s start with the positive ones!

1. I learnt to be alone all by myself and at the same time not feel lonely. I know how to enjoy my own company and even today I refuse to compromise on my “me time”.

2. I developed different interests at a very young age. Be it reading, cooking, drawing, dancing or singing because I had no one at home to play with or argue with I ended up discovering more about myself day by day.

3. I became responsible, independent and organised as I didn’t have a younger sibling who would do all my chores for a candy or who would give up on a silly blackmailing trick. Till today, I prefer doing all my work by myself.

4. I always enjoyed being the apple of my parents’ eyes and didn’t have to share my chocolates or any stuff with anyone! (bliss)

Here come the cons! (All those who have given me the throne of the lucky one please read carefully!)

1. I am always expected to be the responsible one and can’t really let loose things even if I wish to for a change.

2.I sometimes wish I had a younger sibling who would do all my chores or a sister with whom I can exchange clothes. Also, whatever I did wrong I never had an opportunity to blame it on someone else or share the scolding with!

3. Your parents tend to get overprotective about you and you kind of have to sacrifice your road trips and night outs for them.

4. My kids won’t have aunts and uncles!

Now talking about being a spoilt one I would like to say, I WAS NEVER A SPOILT CHILD!  People who know me well will agree to this statement. There was always a proper balance at my home! Yes, I am a daddy’s girl just like every girl however my mother always kept me grounded. Yes, I am LUCKY not because I am an only child but because I am amongst those blessed one’s who has parents and has a very comfortable life because of them like many of you all. I have been loved unconditionally but never spoilt for no reason. I have learnt things the hard way. I am an independent strong girl who has been taught to live life on her own terms without being dependent on anyone. I value relations, and YES I know that sharing is caring! Hence, to all those people who get so easily judgemental about the only child hear me out loud and clear- having siblings or not doesn’t define how a person actually is. It is the value a person has, the upbringing given by their parents and the beliefs a person holds helps an individual to become what he/she is today! There are so many single children out there like me who knows how to share, how to care and are very much a responsible citizen! Stop judging us…come let’s share a cup of my favourite cappuccino and get to know each other better as an individual! Cheers!