‘I give a lot of weightage to extra curriculars’ – Trinolda Colaco, First Year MBA Topper at XIMR

We bring to you an interview with Trinolda Colaco, the first year topper of Xavier Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai College (2014-16) below-

Brief Introduction:

Trinolda Colaco is currently pursuing MBA in Marketing from Xavier Institute of Management, Mumbai and has completed her graduation in Mass Media with a specialization in advertising from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai in 2013

About Trinolda (In her own words)

Being a Xavierite has taught me that it is great to stand out from the crowd; to be unusual or to do things differently.

I enjoy pursuing new activities and taking up small creative projects. Travelling is very close to my heart and I try to see as many places as I can, whenever I have the time. I like taking people shopping and showing them around, especially those who are new in the city. When I am not studying, I like to watch movies, read books or brush up my cooking skills. I am interested in learning about new cultures from across the world. Currently, I am pursuing Spanish to be fluent in the language and to understand Hispanic culture.

1. Tell us about your educational background. Why did you decide of pursuing MBA?  Why did you choose XIMR?

I completed my graduation in Mass Media with a specialization in advertising from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai in 2013. Having worked for about a year and a half, I realized that a post graduate degree is essential in today’s times. I felt that an MBA would help me furnish my skills well and prepare me for the corporate world. Having previously studied advertising and marketing, I was sure that I wanted to specialize in Marketing and build a career in the same field.

Having studied in St. Xavier’s College previously, I was familiar with the values of the Xavier’s brand. My friends who had studied at the institute previously also gave their reviews and the pros and cons of studying here. On weighing my options, XIMR came out as the preferred choice for me.

2. “To be one amongst the toppers of my batch”- was that a strategy from day one of B- School or something that evolved eventually?

I did not have a specific strategy as such. I try to absorb and internalize as much as I can during the classes as well. Usually I begin studying 2-3 weeks before the exams. I try to make notes from the reference material so it is easier to learn. I prefer making a schedule so that I can keep track of how much I have completed studying. I also like to make my own notes based on my understanding of the reference material.

3. Walk us through your academic journey in the first year – How did you pace yourself academically in the first, second term?

It took me about a month or two once the semester started to familiarize myself with the syllabus and the requirements for academics. As exams approached I would make a schedule so that I could revise the syllabus. Since there is no fixed reference material for exams, I would read as much as I could to prepare myself.

At the same time, my friends and I have a study group wherein we share our findings and notes which helps us to prepare better for the exams.

4. Tell us about the most interesting experience that happened in the last one year that changed your outlook towards the B-Schools studies.

More than an experience, it was a realization. I realized that the best talent need not necessarily come from the top b-schools. When I interacted with my classmates in the beginning of the year, I saw that they all came from very diverse backgrounds and they all have unique perspectives and interests. Some wanted to build a career in sports, some in fashion, some in media and this brought a lot of diversity and value to the class.

5. What is the contribution of your Professors/ college in your success?

I owe a lot to the college and the professors to my success. They are all quite approachable and at the same time quite frank. They have guided me well and supported me in all my endeavours in college.

6. If you were to go back in time and change one thing about the last year, what would it be?

This may sound philosophical but I don’t believe in  having any changes in past because everything happens for a reason. The future is something I can change, so I would rather focus on that.

7. B- School is mostly about group activities. Were you used to this kind of team endeavour’s or was it a new experience for you? How would you rate your performance during the team activities?

Yes, I participate in various events and case study competitions which enables me to apply the theory studied in class.  I have been exposed to team activities in the past so it wasn’t anything new. I think I perform well in a team.

Some of the competitions I have participated in are Com Strat by FCB Ulka, Samaadhan by NMIMS, Maadhyam by N.L. Dalmia

8. How important do you think is the involvement in Extra- Curricular activities? Do you think these activities tend to deviate a student’s mind from the initial academic goals set?

I give a lot of weightage to extra curriculars because that is one avenue where one can apply the theory learnt in class. In a way they provide direction to ones goals. One can understand one’s strengths and weaknesses by participating in these events.

9. Tell us about your summer internship.

I interned with Purple Squirrel Eduventures, a startup that organizes industrial visits for college students. I was keen on working with a startup to get an understanding  of how they function. It was a unique experience because I got an opportunity to interact and work with the founders and generate ideas for the company. Besides, I also worked with the branding and product development team.

10. What would you like to advise this year’s batch w.r.t academics, activities, & in general about the B- School life? 

I think it is very important for us as students and future professionals to put ourselves out there. In most cases, we come to college, attend lectures and give exams. But that is just the bare minimum. We need to go beyond this bare minimum and do much more. This could be anything that adds value to us, may be participate in competitions, incubate business ideas, visit organisations or factories to understand how they work, etc.