Being Here, in ‘HELL’, the most ‘HEAVENLY’ days of my life

The past one year has been a hell of a ride for me.

On the 24th of April, 2014 I rejoiced for the fact that one of the older IIMs had finally opened its gates for me. “Yes! I soon would be exchanging pleasantries with the galiyaans of LUCKNOW”, I thought. In the first week of June when I first said “hello” to the campus, I was ready to take on the roller coaster ride. Roaming around the campus, embracing the fauna and flora of the 34th most beautiful campus of the world and leveraging the sports facilities to their fullest was how I relished my first few days in IIM Lucknow.

The induction, the first insti party, the solidarity march- almost everything comes gushing towards me when I look back at the days well spent.

If I am to start looking for specifics, I will always remember the very first lecture of this two year course- an awesome microeconomics lecture by one of the most wonderful professors whose last lecture was equally inspiring-

‘When you share your wealth with others, your own wealth shrinks,
When you share your knowledge with others, your own knowledge increases.

– chanakya

These slides are dedicated to you all. You’re free to use it and distribute it to any student of economics; but for heaven’s sake, though you’re in a business school, do not make any business out of it.

I don’t know why but for some reason these lines will stay with me forever. I think may be because these constantly remind me that the macro-system I’ll soon be a part of runs on profitability. But at the same time I am also reminded that my role is beyond it. Not everything is measurable and therefore many a decision in future may be based on unquantifiable data beyond the realms of traditional business. These also reaffirm my belief that though most things in a B-school for we, students, are centered around building a strong resume that will land us in the best of jobs in the world, I can afford to do things for the simple love of it.

IIM Lucknow apart from teaching me a business management curricula has in all ways done more than that. Reshaped some thinking and reinforced some beliefs. I know for sure, being here, in ‘Hell’, will turn out to be the most heavenly  days of my life. More than GLAD to be part of the IIM-L Community 🙂


(This article is written by Divleen Talwar, Class of 2016 student at IIM Lucknow. She is the Creative Head and Core Coordinator of the Media and Communication Cell at IIM Lucknow. Apart from writing she also likes to sing and watch travel shows.)

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