Bennett’s MBA Curriculum – Future Focused

Bennet University’s MBA Program is a future-focused program crafted to create leaders capable of addressing developmental challenges posed by an uncertain and volatile environment. The Bennet MBA graduate will have the skill sets to help traditional organizations to scale up fast, to lead and exploit the opportunities effectively without losing sight of the ‘triple bottom line’. Simultaneously, the program will also enable the participant to conceive and create innovative enterprises which could ride the growth wave. The entire curriculum, content and pedagogy are designed with this philosophy of creating futuristic leaders who can think beyond the obvious and create new blue oceans of opportunities for organizations they choose to work for or lead.

This fully residential MBA Program helps participants to move to top leadership positions through a unique ‘IOS’ model which focuses on the creative transformation of the Individual, Organisation and Society.

The curriculum consists of courses that develop individual capabilities by fine tuning  behavioral and leadership skills including  creativity, innovation, communication, image management, and professional ethics. This will be supplemented by functional skills in various areas of organizational management like Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR, Strategy, IT-Systems etc. which would enable the graduate to creatively steer enterprises through exponential growth trajectories. In addition to courses that focus on individual and organization development, the uniqueness of the program stems from a set of highly effective courses that are designed to address the societal challenges affecting development. The aim of these courses will be to provide adequate skills sets to the graduate in identifying sustainable development opportunities. This will lead to the creation of several sustainable enterprises which would grow in future to become the crux of the India growth story.

Program Structure

The program will be offered over two years with first year consisting of courses that focus on all three elements – Individual, Organisation and Society. The program will be spread over six terms each having a duration of around 10-12 weeks. The first year (Terms I to III) will consist of core courses and will be followed by an 8-10 week internship program. The second year (Terms IV to VI) will have elective courses that enable specialization. The total instructional hours of the MBA program will be over 1000 hours.

Year 1 Structure

Term 1: Managerial Communication, Macro Economics, Organizational Behavior, Statistical Techniques  for Business, Accounting, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Marketing Management

Term 2: Micro Economics, Cost Management, Finance Management, Operations Management, Legal Environment, Ethics & Corporate Responsibility, Organisational Development, Information Management

Term 3: Investment Management, Market Research, Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, Environment and Sustainability, Global Business


Year 2 Structure

Term 4: Innovation & Creative Thinking, Electives

Term 5: Internationalization Strategies, Electives

Term 6: Capstone Course, Electives


Electives will be offered in functional streams of Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR, Strategy, IT-Systems and Entrepreneurship. The students also will have freedom to earn a maximum of 20% credits by choosing electives offered by leading Universities across the world through edX platform. Bennett University will also be using a unique 10 credit elective spread across Terms 4 to 6 on Business Acceleration. This course offered in collaboration with the Centre of Entrepreneurship Education gives the students the opportunity to set up and develop their own business in the University’s ‘Hatchery’.

Additional Components

In addition to the courses, there are several non-credit, mandatory components that enhance the skills of the participant.  Some of these are given below.

· Two-week long Management Education Orientation Program delivered in an experiential learning format involving games, simulations, outbound exercises and in-depth knowledge sessions. The Program will reorient the students to the active learning philosophy of Bennett University, which focusses on collaboration, compassion and creativity

· A week-long rural immersion program to understand the nuances of social innovation and social entrepreneurship

· 10-week industry internship to get hands-on practice with industry

· Focused workshops on Entrepreneurship Development to supplement the Entrepreneurship in Thought and Action philosophy of Bennett Education

· 8-10 workshops on enhancing personal communication skills, creativity as well as on topics of contemporary interest in Management

· Weekend interactions with CXOs of leading corporate enterprises

· Regular coaching and mentoring by industry experts