Best Batchmates You Can Get At IIM Trichy

Introduce some of your crazy batch-mates
I completed my assignments and in half asleep state went to have a glass of water. It was 3am and when entire India was sleeping, a rockstar, with her full enthusiasm and energy jumping on her bed was singing a Tamil song (Though we are in IIM Trichy but not everyone understands Tamil). Yes she was none other than Roshni She is an engineer and was working in the IT analytics section for 2 years and was more curious on the part on how to use these skills to enhance the businesses around so she joined a prestigious B-school that is IIM Trichy. Roshni believes that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ so even in this busy schedule she found a way to keep her hobby alive. Yes, she is a good time manager.

After drinking water, I moved back to my room and was about to relax, my cell phone beeped and yes it was none other than Vatsal, all time late with a book of economics loaded into his small brain. He has pursued honours Economics. He asked me to just provide me the list of the plenty of assignments with their deadline. It was already 3:30am and deadline for most of them was 5am. I don’t know how but he manages to complete all the tasks within this time span. It is not the time management skills but the clarity of concepts which help Vatsal to make the best use of his brain and time. His tagline would be “Sab Clear Hai”.

Somehow I went to sleep with peace. Next day was a bit hectic, please understand when an IIM students says a bit hectic means it is hectic a lot. The morning alarm beeped and I was rushing to the class hoping that this time my teacher would not kick me out for been late. This fellow Gokul instead of hurrying up was sitting and feeding a stray dog. And yes boys do have a soft heart and it pains as well. Gokul is resident of Trichy and is our tour guide whenever we step out of this campus. He is helping in nature and never says no if someone asks him for help.

At last, I was inside the class and a girl from Chennai was silently reading a book. As always Yogeshwari fed her brain with book and would start speaking as though someone beeped the buzzer on her head when the teacher opened the question and answer session. She is an engineer and very curious personality. She would never let you go unless she gets logical aspect of every minute doubt.

This is all about my few of the fellow batchmates and trust me every person here is as crazy as they are!


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?


Given a choice to work for the prestigious Aditya Birla Group, I would like to work for Aditya Birla Retail Limited. My prior experience in IT sector under the manufacturing domain helped me gain interest in operations and pursue my MBA to enhance my knowledge in this field. Working under such a big umbrella of opportunities would help me to enhance my learning experience and I am eager to face the challenges offered by day to day business scenario. This will help me achieve my long term goal of making an impact in the economic and social development of the nation.

This article is written by Utkarsha Ramteke- Class of 2020

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