The Best PoR Is Apparently A Placecommer’s Girlfriend/Boyfriend

It’s final placement season and the anonymous apps and meme pages have become extremely active. One popular meme/post that does the rounds every year in every college is the “Best PoR on campus” post. To everyone who acclaims the best PoR on campus is a placecommer’s girlfriend/boyfriend, you do not want that PoR even if it got you a 1cr package. Let’s first talk about the advantages, since everyone’s completely convinced there’s only pros and no possible cons.

Pros – You do realise that these people are not supposed to tell you what’s going on. Let’s say they do, what can you find out?  (Before I continue, I would like to say that the following situations are hypothetical. Because in reality, they will tell you nothing.) What companies are coming, do you have a shortlist or not. What companies are coming? – You will find out anyways. Shortlist or not? You’ll find out anyways. To the people, who believe placecomm controls who gets shortlisted, I would like to clarify. What are they going to do? Not send your resumes? That seems a little counter-intuitive, the quicker and more people that get placed, the sooner they can be done with it and chill instead of constantly dealing with bitchy HRs and the continuously ranting batch. Oh, and to all the blinded people who complain, there are 15-20 people (placecomm size depends on the colleges and varies from 16-25 people) other people in the committee. Do you honestly think everyone is going to just wait and watch as you give preference to your girlfriend/boyfriend and not say anything? My friends, you are sadly mistaken.

Cons – Okay disadvantages time, you’re dating someone who is married to their phone 24×7. Their group is active all the time, it becomes such a pain in the ass that you start to feel insecure about a WhatsApp group chat. Not even insecure about an actual person, but a virtual group chat.

There is always something more important, they are on duty again let’s say 24×7, there is always some crisis to be sorted out and miraculously it will happen when you’re on date night.

Ah, most people check their partner’s Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram. Worry not, as a placecommer’s girlfriend/boyfriend all you will need to be worried about is LinkedIn. If they’re not on their WhatsApp group, they will be on LinkedIn. If it’s not LinkedIn, it’s mail or on call on their phone.

And killer, to the people who think these miraculous people actually tell you what is going on? They will leave for a meeting at 11 pm, come back at 7 am in the morning and when you ask them what happened, the response will be “Nothing”. HOW CAN SOMEONE DO NOTHING FOR 8 hrs? Please do teach me the skill. It is much required in my life.

If you manage to drag them away from their meetings and their crisis and get them to a restaurant for a date. You will lose your mind as they continue to be glued to their WhatsApp group or LinkedIn rather than take time to make conversation. You initially try and give up the fighting battle as their WhatsApp group trumps all.

Time? Do you want to spend time together? Maybe take a trip somewhere together since you’re free. FORGET IT. They NEVER have the time. And especially when you need them the most, that is when the worst crisis strikes.

Oh, and the ego these people have, there is no one else that could possibly have anything as important to do as them! Be a little humble please, yes you are working extremely hard to get the entire batch placed. Yes, you are severely insulted and underappreciated for all the efforts you take. But it is no reason to scoff at the rantings of someone who doesn’t have as much work as you do or as important but is ranting. You do realise you knew what you signed up for before you were a part of this. Don’t humiliate us or make us feel insecure or feel like we can’t come to you, because you trivialize our sufferings in comparison to yours. Everyone is different.

And here comes the worst part. The entire committee is such a close-knit bunch having spent almost 20+ hours a day as Junior member together and as senior members around the same time a week. You will feel incredibly insecure, not of 1 person but of 15-20 people.

So, the resume points for the PoR – Placecommer’s girlfriend/boyfriend.

  • Annoyed and complaining about how they never spend enough time with you
  • Hurt that there is always something more important than you
  • Insecure of 15-20 other people, a WhatsApp group, LinkedIn because they get way more attention than you do

Best PoR is a placecommer’s girlfriend/boyfriend apparently. The grass always looks greener on the other side.