Best Resources To Augment Your Knowledge Of Finance Fundamentals

For non-finance students, preparing yourself for an MBA in finance can be worrisome. Even though the curriculum begins with the basics, the load of it can make it hard for you to grasp the concepts in your time and causing a lag.

However, you can avoid this lag by leveraging a few resources and preparing yourself ahead of the semester. Given below is a list of resources that you can use to augment your knowledge of finance fundamentals and even slightly advanced concepts.


1) Money Essentials – CNN Money
(Online editorial)

The Money Essentials is a detailed online editorial that includes different categories of finance topics (including personal finance). Each topic is divided into subcategories that you can choose to read or skip.

The editorial covers everything in-depth and begins from the basics.


2) Basic Finance Concepts (App)

If you want to brush up on your basic concepts of finance, then this app would be great for you. It covers all the explanation of all the common terminology of finance. The explanation is given in short and easy language.

The drawback, however, is that this app is only available to Android users for now. But since android covers the majority of the Indian market, it seems like that might not be a really big issue hopefully.


3) FLIP Finance and Banking Fundamentals (Online course)

This online course is specifically designed for MBA aspirants. The course covers all the concepts of finance, banking, and capital markets in depth and with live examples which makes it perfect for all students.

The course also awards students with an industry-recognized certification in the end which will give you an edge during summer placements too.


4) Planet Money (Podcast)

Planet money is a well-known podcast that is digestible and comprehensible for virtually all listeners, regardless of your prior knowledge. The podcast, however, is more focused on economics.

Listeners can expect clear explanations of the latest financial news as well as other fascinating and information for economics. You can visit their website and listen to the earlier podcasts for a complete understanding.


5) Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Book)

If you need a break from learning, you can read this book to take a break but still not stop learning. This book is a popular one and touches on a lot of subjects like financial literacy, tax saving, investing etc.

The story like the theme of the book allows you to enjoy your learning experience. Apart from financial knowledge for your studies, the book might also give you practical knowledge and help you become rich.

While you wait for your classes to begin, you can make the best of your time and use these resources to get an edge over your peers. Apart from that, you’ll also be able to set yourself in the mindset to take on the semester with immense drive and confidence. So without wasting any time, my advice is to get started right now!


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Nandhaan Verma

An NMIMS alumni and currently working for the marketing team of an esteemed organization offering MBA aspirants online courses to help them crack admission interviews and placement interviews.