Role Aditya Birla Group has played in making my life big

As the tagline of Aditya Birla Group says, “Taking India to the World”, the company has rightfully taken India to the world with its subsidiaries in all sectors of business.

Ranging from my basic needs to my fancy requirements, Aditya Birla Group has covered it all. The house I live in is made up of Ultra Tech cement, my car’s tyre is filled with carbon black, the phone calls I make using my Vodafone service, the aluminium almirah I use to keep my clothes, clothes from different brands ranging from Pantaloons to Forever 21, the life insurance and the financial services I use to keep myself secured, I can go on and the list shall never end.

The company has so much to offer that it has become my go-to place for any product or service I wish to buy. The conglomerate is so huge that I might be using an Aditya Birla Group product without even knowing about it. For instance, the vegetables and fruits I eat could have been grown using the fertilizers manufactured by Aditya Birla Group or the various metals I use in day to day life could be the group’s product.

That is the impact Aditya Birla Group has created not just in my life but for everyone around. While maintaining the quality, the group has successfully established itself across 35 countries. The number of options within the Group itself tempts me to buy their products and services. In the end I would just like to say that the Group has already made my life BIG and with the same kind of zeal I’m sure it would make my life BIGGER.

Challenges I overcame to achieve my ambitions in life so far

In my twelfth standard, I had this dream of making my career in fashion field. What people thought of it was that I wanted to become a fashion designer but that was not right. I knew designing was not for me, my bad art being a major reason. So I researched about it, Googled, looked for colleges and courses, tried finding out friends and family members from fashion field. To my success, I got to know about the course called fashion technology which dealt with apparel production. The course instantly clicked me and I was sure I that I would pursue it but the challenge was only NIFTs had this course. Now my target was cracking NIFT. I looked out for coaching for NIFT and along with preparing for boards, I prepared for the entrance examination. Lunch breaks in school became my practice time for NIFT questions. Seeing my friends hanging out and having fun while I practice the questions was not easy but I had to do it. End result- NIFT, Bengaluru cracked.

With many assignments, competitions and projects, four years at NIFT passed and then came another challenging task- my first job at Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd. With daily issues in production line, communication gaps with factory workers and a buyer sitting in UK, management became a challenge. I started organizing and prioritizing my work. I’m glad I got a very good manager who listened to me, helped me out and gave me the right direction to approach any problem.

My last job at ER SANJAY JAIN & ENTERPRISERS was not a part of a plan but because of some family requirements. This company dealt with property valuations, an area completely out of my domain of knowledge. It was a major challenge to learn about the working and culture without having any background of the same. My life suddenly changed from manufacturing clothes, pretty designs and colors to evaluating properties. The customer base and requirements had changed but the learning I got under my father’s guidance is undefinable.

While working here and also because of my love for fashion field, I started looking at MBA courses and how an MBA degree could help me grow. Now I was convinced to pursue an MBA and that’s when I started to look out for coachings. I went to office in the morning, come back home at 6, then leave for coaching at 7 and then come back home and revise the concepts and practise questions. That became my routine. Four years at NIFT, I was out of touch with numbers and suddenly I had whole lot of quant to deal with. It was very upsetting at first to see other students answering in class while the concept floated above my head in class. I started burning my midnight’s oil and practiced as many questions as I could. End result- NMIMS, Mumbai cracked.

Life at NMIMS is also challenging with so many brilliant students in competition but I’m sure I’ll be able to make my life BIG with my own energy and motivation.


Kopal Jain

My name itself means a bud, and here I am, a budding manager at NMIMS Mumbai not to just excel in my own career but also to add values to the organization I belong to. I would describe myself as an outgoing person who believes in hard work and right demeanor at all times. Dancing, writing, shopping and trying out new cuisines and adventures are the things I am up for anytime of the day.


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