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“Black vs White. I like black but he likes white. Crows are black but snow is white. Black and White – the Michael Jackson song. Black vs White? What about Grey? None of these sentences makes complete sense, do they?  I guess not. That’s because abstract topics very often do not make sense in absolute terms. The key here is to make associations to what you know and what you think makes sense and then write/talk about it.”

So what does ‘Black vs White’ mean to you?


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Sakshi Kochar

A very simple thought which comes in my mind when I read this topic black vs white is that from the very childhood we have been trained to categorize things majaorly in two categories – good or bad. This is good and that is bad. This is what you should do and that is what you should not do. However when we go up as adults this categorization loses meaning and it becomes important to understand the grey. But now understanding of this grey becomes very subjective as it will depend on what you learnt as to be good and what as to be bad. That is how different people come with different perspectives and different opinions on the same subject. And perhaps thats how different cultures evolve.

Team Insideiim

7.5/10 – Very good opening. Good perspective. Quite articulate as well. However, you should have gone on and given some examples form real life to seal the deal for you.

Parshvam Jain

Black is a symbol of darkness or ignorance while white is a symbol of light or knowledge. In the modern world of technology there is a need to shift maximum number of people from darkness of illiteracy to light of education.

Team Insideiim

6/10 – An interesting connection to education but the argument is a little too brief and simplistic to make an impact in a GD like this where the scope is wide enough to talk about anything. You need to have more matter.

Dheeraj Dadhich

Black is the truth that is presented shockingly, like a no barrel hold approach of giving feedback in business, the blatant truth. White is the truth that is soothing encouraging and to its critiques.. politically correct… both are needed. when creating a product or doing a financial assessment our feedback can be black very straight forward… while if a customer comes crying through the door.. we need to be very white, angle like, assuaging rather than cutting through the chase and coming to the point

Team Insideiim

7/10 – Interesting perspective but could be articulated better. Extra marks for connecting to real life.

Ritesh Singh

Black vs White. As i read this things that come up to my mind are issues like racism and game of chess where both are equal no one is good or bad it depends on the ability of player to lead his side to victory.

Team Insideiim

4/10 – Too brief to be impactful. Vaguely mentioned concepts won’t work in such a GD you need to detail and articulate better.

Jatin Adlakha

Black vs White stands for a metaphor used pretty often to describe two opposite lines of thought. However, this does not mean that Black is wrong and White is correct. It all depends on which side appeals to us. Thus, the judgement of Black & White stands subjective. To cite an example we could look at the discrimination against Blacks that was prevalent in America. For whites the discriminatory line of thought appealed more, no matter how ethically misplaced such a judgement is. Black & White are like the two sides of a coin. The existence of a flip side is what makes us understand their necessity. Such notion of inequality still exists in the glamour industry where often beauty is equated to the color of a model’s skin. There is a growing awareness among people regarding such issues & maybe soon instead of Black vs White, we would be able to see Black & White co-existing.

Team Insideiim

7/10 – Good connections on discrimination and model’s skin colour but the opening seemed a little muddled. The examples clearly helped in your case to explain yourself better.


When we are young, we are taught that there are two sides to every thing, the right side and the wrong side. As if every thing is either pure black or pure white. However, as we grow older, we understand that there is nothing that is absolutely black or white. Every black has a little white in it and every white has a little black in it. Like a Yin Yang. What we need to learn is that different perspectives make the same scenario right for some people, and wrong for some others. So there is no black vs. white; There is always black and white!

Team Insideiim

4.5/10 – Although articulated decently, the points seem repetitive – the concepts have been mentioned before by other participants.


Another thing that is pertinent to note here is that what makes black so prominently black is the existence of white and vice versa. The importance of one would drastically decrease in the absence of the other. The black and white, even though opposites, co-exist! And that`s how our world works too! There is always good for every evil and evil for every good.. That`s how an equilibrium or balance is maintained.

Kushal Dhananjay

As my friend Sakshi told, I partially agree with her but I beg to differ from my friend Parshvam. I feel he should not make a statement inferring black as negative and white as positive. It is people’s mind set that has carried from generations before us. If our ancestors had associated white with negative and black with positive, then we would be following the same. But on a social point of view, somewhere Parshvam is right.
Also, my friend Sakshi is talking about grey which I feel is irrelevant to our discussion.
Black and white are to be seen as just like other colors. That is, White is a mixture of all the colors and black is void.
In astronomical sense, I can think of black holes and white holes.
In political line of thought, white is considered as friendly or peace. That’s why politicians wear white clothes.

Team Insideiim

5.5/10 – In such a GD it is advisable to not respond to others as far as possible as there is wide canvas available for you to paint yourself. You should have stuck to your own points on black holes etc. None of the rebuttals you made had any impact – For e.g. why is the discussion on grey not relevant?

Parshvam Jain

Black is something which doesn’t reflect light or it absorbs everything. In this sense we can think of black as our dark secrets which are hidden from outside world and only we know them , and white represent what personilty we reflect to the world , which is visible to outsiders.

srivani chebiyyam

It is easier to think of the extremes, when tries to come to a logical conclusion. We use this approach of extremes in Math as maxima and minima, to understand the scope of the function at hand. One can choose either depending on what is at stake from their perspective. We even trained our computers to think by this logic. Understanding this argument is fundamental to understanding the Universal phenomenon, all of which exist in the scope of extremes.

Team Insideiim

7.5/10 – Very interesting perspective and good articulation. Connecting the topic to mathematics was creative and new. Good stuff.

sumeet kr

“Black is Darkness, white is light” is how since the beginning of time humans have related the two. Black is where you would get lost and white is where you are likely to be found. Darkness is from which most are afraid of, colors and light are where everyone feels safe.White is hope, Black is despair. When colors are mixed we get White and when we have no color we get black. So it is us only who have identified that what black and white would relate to.

Shourya Jain

“Black and White” the two absolutes. When any color is mixed with absolute black resultant is black irrespective of amount of other color on the other hand even if a little bit of other color is mixed in white it changes. To me this can be related to personality traits Black can be associated with unwilling to change, in sensitiveness, stubborn, Dominating, hard etc on the other hand white can be associated to sensitiveness, gentle, adaptable, soft etc. Other than this these color brings out different emotion usually black is associated to fear, power, strength, death,evil, style, authority etc while white is associated to peace, purity, innocence, light goodness etc.
Black and white reminds me of old television set where pictures were using only black and white colors but now is the time color television where a television can have millions of colors.
usually in hindu culture people wear white cloths while mourning while christian wear white during weddings and Black for mourning.

Team Insideiim

6.5/10 – Great opening on the colour black and the connection to one’s personality. It became weak as the argument went on – especially the hindu and christian culture point as it wasn’t clear what you were trying to explain and how it was connected to the previous points you made.

Debashish Mishra

Black and White are the often termed as Antonym.Two different words,a variety of meaning. We often take Black as bad and White as good as often mentioned by my good friends here.Introspecting oneself we can actually get a very vivid answer.Black and White is not a simple comparison of positive and negative, infact we can corelate it with the Chinese principle of YIN and YANG.This principle states that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites, for example female-male, dark-light , soul-body and old-young . Thus , often identified just as OPPOSITE they are also INSEPARABLE.

Both of these colors complement each other . As for Black being bad , Ain’t the ZEBRA Crossing also a mixture of these two colors?

Team Insideiim

4/10 – Sorry Debashish but most of your points seemed borrowed from previous speakers and you didn’t really have anything new to add.

shefalika pandey

Black and white can be associated to the extremes and stereotypes built up about any issue. It although seems to have categorised things, it actually leads to a biased opinion. The truth is that everything in the world is neither black nor white. It is grey. With perspectives vastly varying among people, it is important to take a middle ground. Every extreme opinion also reflects refusal to be accepting of the existence of the contrary. Hence, our perspectives should not be black or white, but grey

Team Insideiim

3.5/10 – You haven’t mentioned anything which hasn’t already been discussed. So late in the GD you got to have new things to talk about and also you need to be more imaginative with new ideas. There is nothing stopping you connecting this topic to any other topic, issue, news event in the world.


If we consider the colour of hair: black colour signifies youth whereas white hair would signify age and experience.
Also from the economy point of view, it would be black money vs white money. Black money is something that is unaccountable to the government and doesn’t pays the tax on that income.While white money makes the transparent layer between the individual’s income and the government.Though this money is accounted to the government and hence government can impose the tax for that money.
Black money does not get circulated and remains in the possession of the person who earns it and thus harms the economy as it is not reinvested for productive purposes. And this may cause to inflation in the country and as a result it might be the devastate for the country’s economy.

Team Insideiim

5.5/10 – Good connection to the hot topic of black money and weaving in inflation. Surprised it didn’t come up earlier. However, if you are coming in so late in the GD you go to have more.