The Bond Between The Years – XIMB

A couple of months back I was sitting in-front of my workstation at 11 pm in the night trying to debug a piece of code, never did I thought that two months down the lane I would be writing this. It is indeed true that I took a diversion in my career path by pursuing an interest in management but I was a little sceptical on the pedagogy aspect. I got calls from multiple institutes but I zeroed in on Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. Me and my ilk mooted on WHY XIMB?

Well to be honest I didn’t have a concrete answer back then, but when I landed up in campus on 18th June,2018 it stuck me that I have made the right decision. When I entered through the gates of campus, I could see a very clean campus with lush greenery all around, you will have to stop and admire the beauty of the place. But don’t let my appreciation of the place fool you about the academic rigour this place boasts of. Let me state that XIMB has one of the highest credit of subject when compared to its peers. In addition to that we have quality faculties that guide us through these subjects and help a neophyte like me glide through the chapters of management.

I know almost every good B-school student would speak the same about their college but what makes my B-school special is my seniors. The bond is different, very different from a regular college. The starting days were hectic and the seniors made everything possible to make a rookie like me ‘Industry ready’.The very next day they threw us a grand welcome party and made us familiar with the rich culture of XIMB.

The culture of XIMB is unique as it has been created because of the vehement bond between the seniors and juniors. This is the true legacy of XIMB, this is reconfirmed when we find so many student driven bodies inside campus that are present to smoothen our transition to the future managers of a company by practical learning of the management skills. I feel honoured to be a part of this sophisticated B-school and with head up high, I say, I am a proud XIMBEE.


I would like to join Idea cellular limited. With the recent merger with Vodafone we are looking at the largest telecom company in India by subscribers and by revenue and it would be an honour for me to work there. Moreover, I am an engineer (Electrical and Electronics engineer) so this will help me to have a hands-on experience to apply my knowledge of graduation and managerial skill which I will learn in my MBA at XIMB in the company to become a good manager.


-Swopna Sarit Nayak

BM,1st year,XIMB

XIMB Placement Committee

XIMB Placement Committee