The Boy Who Dreamt – MDI

Just like any other baby, the boy came into the world crying unaware of the joy his crying had imparted to his loved ones. In a typical Indian society, he grew up learning about the importance of education more than anything else. At the age of six, he was sent to the school just to make sure that he loses his originality and creativity. There was nothing wrong with the schooling except that it forced him into believing what necessarily is the right way to do things. It was made sure that he follows the path everyone had trodden because the road less taken surprisingly always led to the doom. With the passage of time, he developed as instructed by teachers and parents, leaving aside everything he could be and everything he wanted to be. By the age of fifteen, the boy was certain that it was high academic grades only that could give him new heights (or I would prefer to call it “new lows”). Huge expectations from all the stakeholders of his life put burden on him for being academically excellent. And yes!! The boy excelled in his school and joined engineering just like any other excelling kid who was deluded into false beliefs. The boy lived twenty one years of his life believing that this was what he had wanted, but he was wrong. There was also an echo in the corner of his heart that all he had done in his life was for his stakeholders, taking his share price to record high levels by giving YoY academic and societal growth. After working as an engineer, he realized the fact that he wanted something else. He wanted his real self to come out and roar. And the day came.

The boy joined a management school of his choice. He wanted to get a better perspective of the world and why things always worked in accordance with money. The boy understood the mechanism and related this concept with his life. His life was just like a stock whose price is always fluctuating with his performance. In every phase, he lived under fear which regulated his price. This fear was the CEO of his life which always proposed targets which the boy had to meet in order to be called a “blue-chip stock”.

There used to be an Annual General Meeting at the time of results where the boy’s performance was assessed and he was guided once again to work hard and cram the facts which never found any use in his life. The boy understood that everything he achieved in his life was ephemeral and a new target was always awaiting him. There was nothing he could do to permanently satisfy his stakeholders.

Now the boy has decided to take the control of his life and be the captain of his ship. He wants to enjoy the ride and make the most out of his journey. And the journey has been made somewhat easy in the past one month as a “ManDevIan”. The boy has been introduced to the real rigor of life where he has to prioritize the things as per his preferences. Coming here was the first decision, the boy took voluntarily and he hopes to reap the most out of it. He expects to be what he always wanted to be and give the most to the society and his Alma mater. In this phase of life, the CEO is the boy itself who doesn’t give any damn about his stock price anymore. All he wants is to live a life without fear of anything.

Well!! It was pretty obvious from the start that the boy is the writer himself – Prashant Mishra.

Kudos to the life ahead……!!!!!

ABG Company the boy wants to work for is…………………………….  Idea Cellular

This is a company to which I can closely associate since I have been using this for quite a long time. Idea Abhishek Bachchan ads were one of the most common things you could see on the TV. The famous song was also used as ringtone by me in those times. Emotionally speaking, this is the brand which invokes nostalgic feeling especially the idea ringtone. Also, since the telecom industry is going through a lot of technological advancements post 4G inception I would like to work in this sector. I also believe that telecom sector can provide me new avenues of growth.