BQuest Presents A 30 Day Preparation Strategy For IIFT GK

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Entrance Examination: How to ACE the GK Section in 30 Days

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is one of the most coveted B Schools in the country. The Entrance Examination is taken by over 60,000 Students for admission into 300 odd seats at its New Delhi, Kolkata and the newly added Kakainada Campus. With an acceptance rate of 0.5% it is one of the toughest exams in the Management domain.


GK at IIFT is unique with a mix of both Static GK and Current Affairs encapsulating India as well as World Affairs. We at BQuest:The GK Experts, have analysed the last 5 years IIFT GK Question Papers and the following topics cover 100% of the questions asked till date –

  • Sports
  • Important Personalities
  • World GK
  • Important Organisations
  • Business
  • Books and Authors
  • India GK
  • India Govt and Schemes
  • Entertainment
  • Geography
  • Brands

The weightage of different sections is mentioned in the Pie Chart below-

Topic Wise Break Up of IIFT GK Paper

The important thing to notice is that just 5 topics cover 60% of the paper. With such an in-depth analysis we have prepared the Ultimate GK Course for IIFT GK.

Important Sub-Topics

Let us deep dive into each topic and evaluate the sub-topics that are important from the perspective of IIFT GK.

  • Sports
    • Important Events of the years
    • Awards and honours
    • Sport and Countries
    • Future Hosts
    • Important Sporting Personalities
  • Important Personalities
    • Heads of Important Organisations
    • Heads of States
    • Cabinet and other key Government Positions
    • Important Personalities List
  • World GK
    • Important World Events in the Year
    • Political Events
    • World Leaders
    • Important Political and strategic groups
  • Important Organisations
    • Important Organisations and Headquarters
    • Important Organisations and their association
    • Latest Members
    • Important Legislations
  • Business
    • Newsmakers of the year
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Top personalities in various Important Lists – Forbes Most Influential People (India, World)
    • Brand Ambassadors and Brands
    • Biographies and Business Icons
    • Stock Exchanges of the World
  • Books and Authors
  • India GK
    • Newsmakers of the year
    • Highest, longest and other extremes
    • Head of States
    • States and different cultural aspects
    • States and Capitals
    • Important events of the year
    • National Awards
  • India Govt and Schemes
    • Important Government Schemes and its relevance
    • Important Committees and their purpose
  • Entertainment
    • Awards
    • Nominations
  • Geography
    • Rivers and Lakes
    • National Sanctuaries and Wildlife Parks
    • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    • GI Tags

Current Affairs

Apart from the static GK an important component of the paper is the Current Affairs. From our analysis, it is safe to prepare the Current affairs from December 2016 to October 2017. Monthly Current Affairs GK eBooks are available in our Ultimate GK Pack for IIFT, SNAP and XAT. 


Preparation Strategy

Here we provide the complete 30 Days preparation schedule for IIFT GK keeping in mind Task 1 would take 45 minutes while task 2 is for 15 minutes.


30 Day GK Preparation Schedule for IIFT GK

Salient Features of our Ultimate GK Pack

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  • 10 Weekly Quizzes based on each theme
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BQuest GK Is an online platform offering complete GK Solutions for competitive exams. The author Ashish Mishra secured AIR 73 in IIFT 2014 and is an Alumnus of IIFT Delhi. Apart from his regular 9-5 Corporate engagement, he is also the Co-Founder of He loves Quizzing and enjoys all forms of Outdoor Sports apart from being an experimental Cook!