Break The Shell Before You Come Out Of The Egg | Life At An IIM From The Lens Of An Arts Graduate

Have you ever woken up from a dream only to realise you can sleep a little more until the Chicken little on your alarm clock rings up with ‘The heaven is falling’?

Well, your B-school life will be akin to this; just with more twists and more pinches of drama. If you thought you know a lot, at least enough to understand the dynamics of a B-school, then probably living it would remind you time and again that knowledge gained is never enough to close the faucet and sit back in awe.

As they popularly say-

Different And Yet Not

The first shock you get after coming to a B-school is the cultural marvel, people from all the nooks and corners converge to a place because your mental aptitude matches. But what about your emotional quotient? A five minute conversation with anyone will remind you how unique every individual is in their own capacity and soon enough, all those Bollywood movies you always thought were good for just screens will start manifesting in real lives only to remind you that “Diversity is the greatest driver of innovation”.

Every Hour Counts

Growing old with life is not same as  growing up in life. The right moment to measure your personal growth is when you start understanding the value of time. Every second of every minute of every hour could be spend constructively and for the good of others only if you can develop some habits making a trade-off with your old habits.

Also, according to the recent research led by a team at the University College London, it takes around 66 days on an average to develop a habit.

Time wasted

Time Utilised

Old  Habits



New Habits



Oscillation Was An Important Concept

In physics, this concept might have seemed dispensable but in a B-school, it’s not long enough when you realise that it’s how life moves. ‘Happily ever after’ is a clause that only exists in Disney movie scripts. An experienced life is one where you understand that misery and mirth comes in turns – all you need to know is how to keep calm in one and keep a level-head in another.

An Extra Hobby Goes A Long Way

Being efficient when your nose is piled under the heap of assignments is a talent. However, having a hobby that can make you stand out amongst the crowd is your easiest shot to glory in a b-school. After all it’s all about creating a differentiation for your skills and building your persona on your core competencies. In a world of drifting competition, sometimes even being a good listener is a hobby most people can’t develop. Thus, don’t fret about the oddness of your skill just hone it with time until it becomes your competitive advantage and a filler for your leisure.

Know Yourself

Not just for your HR questions and company interviews, knowing yourself comes in handy for living this four-lettered process called LIFE. Only if you know who you are today can you shape yourself tomorrow. Moot point stays that we are the best judges for our own selves. You don’t have to set goals for your next ten years. All you need to do is wake up and set a SMART goal for the next 24 hours.


Orange Is The New Black

Group studies are the new way to learn and libraries are indeed the most busy places even at nights. You can perfectly survive without breakfasts. Deadlines are sacrosanct and the concept of Mandatory attendance exists in real life.

Passion – Rome Was Not Built In A Day

Don’t fall trap of the most dreary fear of missing out in a b-school. A lot of people tend to because under pressure it becomes difficult to trust your own sinews at the expense of your equally laboured and capable counterparts. Also, passions are not announced for individuals at birth, don’t be dejected if you don’t have a passion to live or at times die for. Keep experimenting with various permutations and combinations until you find an urge to stop at something. 

People Management Is The Apex of Growth

Introvert or Extrovert, dog -lover or cat-lover, happy or miserable; the utmost secret to a successful corporate career lies in your capacity of managing human relations tactfully. A successful person is not build in isolation, he becomes successful because at some point of time some other human being sacrificed his/her desire to make you who you are today. As said – “When you were born everyone laughed while you cried, live your life in such a way that when you die everyone cries while you laugh.

Life Is What Happens When You Are Busy Doing Other Stuff

Being confused about life or worrying about it never gives you the solution. All problems have solutions especially when you are preparing yourself to handle problems of other people in a big firm. Never make a periphery for your capabilities, the moment you’ll confine yourself to the self-drawn boundaries that moment the world will lose a Tedx story to an insecurity.

It’s Never A Wrong Time To Do A Right Thing

Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”

“I don’t much care where –”

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.” 

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

There’s no better feeling than to earn the bread by the sweat of your brow. So next time you want something, just ask. Let your thoughts be a manifestation of your desires and your life be a manifestation of our thoughts for it’s true that when you want something from the deep core of your heart the entire universe conspires to bring it to you.


I am Ayushi Rastogi pursuing MBA from IIM Lucknow. I am a Literature grad and will always place philosophy over supply chain. I love dancing, baking and reading, my favourite genre is Indian Literature. I believe life is like a chocolate, making it always more fun than just having it. I am a part of the Literature club (Forty-Two) and Choreography club (Random Walk) at IIM Lucknow.



Aditya Rastogi

Interesting point of view but very different from the authors condescending persona but thanks for the motivational article which will always have a perpetual existence in my mind whatsoever.