Breathe And Dive Again

I crashed on the ground after seeing the results of CAT’17. I had not expected a 99 percentile but I had not thought in the wildest or correctly speaking saddest of my dreams that I would end up with an abysmal 80.  I blanked out.  What should I do?

I had to quit my job last September as there was a considerable amount of work pressure and politics in my office premises, it was not a great job but at least I had something. I started studying and after some time, I realized that I could not study. I got fed up easily, got irritated at almost everything and started blurting out my frustration. In the entire hustle bustle, I still tried hard to study. I tried, but not my best.

And so the result came and I had failed miserably, I did not expect that at all, even my strong areas had low scores. Days have passed and I still cannot stop thinking about that moment. How the page loaded and then I downloaded the document, saw the result and crashed on the ground. Locked myself up and cried for hours did not feel like eating and just could not comprehend what I will do? No job, no scores what will I do? Find a job? No, I will end up in the same situation as before. Study? But what if I am not able to do it again? I don’t want to get married so soon. My whole life flashed in front of me. Why did I not study then? Why did I leave the job? So many questions but not a single solution.

My mailbox was flooded with emails from different websites- want to crack the next stage? But what about those who did not clear the first one? Finally, after two days of those ’type’ of emails a new category of emails started pouring in- You are not alone they said many people failed like you. I was the subject of the discussions in my family- How I should not have left the job, where I had lacked and how I will have to change my attitude.

But what if I did not want to be one of the failures?

I had always considered myself to be a diligent student. I knew I had the brains but had somewhere lost the will. But then I had no way out, I had already dived too deep. I had to do it.

So this post is for all those who could not or did not bell the CAT this year especially for all the girls because there are too many people who worry themselves to death about our marriage.

Yes, you could not perform well this time but this does not mean you never will. After all even the most mind-numbingly boring and discouraging movie sequels change the climax each time even though the plot might be same. This is your sequel and your plot.

You are standing on the starting line again. Just months away from the D-Day. Do it right this time. Solve all the mocks, analyze them, solve the sectionals learn from each and every mistake, just don’t give up. Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

Remember, it’s never going to be you versus them or you versus her or you versus her, it’s always going to be you against the world. The world is full of opinions, situations, and people who are against you. So full, that you have to practice to function with them breathing on your mouth. So here’s what you can do- either sit down and pant as if you cannot breathe or put up a damn mask and breathe in the sour air and what you have to do- LIVE.

Life is going to get hard sometimes. So get up and pull yourself together. You’re either an ocean or a puddle. Don’t be a puddle. People walk through puddles like they’re nothing and oceans, well they destroy cities.

Get, set, Go!



Sumit Gupta

Divi Khare,
It was one of the best post I read this morning ,
Even my cat wasn’t upto the mark ended up getting 89percentile,
But one thing I have learned,
Hope many will certainly learn from this too,
“Giving up(?!) is for lesser mortals for a true human it has never been an option”.

Ketan Mishra

Definitely the road is tough but arise,awake and do not stop till the goal is reached.You will do it this time.I am optimistic I shall read your success story in this forum next year.

Prakhar Rai

Great Divi khare and i am sure you will bell the cat this year and we will be reading your success story again with our head high….All the best