Brokers Please Excuse is hiring again. Can the True Mavericks please stand up?

Everyone is encouraged to apply. You could be a fresh campus graduate sitting with a bad offer due to poor placement policies on your campus or you could be someone with years of experience stuck in the wrong job where just turning up everyday to office has become an effort.  You could be from the top IIMs or from an institution ranked 44th in India. We believe mavericks can be found anywhere.

A maverick is “An unorthodox or independent-minded person” as per the Merriam Webster dictionary.  The term ‘Maverick’ has had an interesting evolution if this piece here written over 5 years ago in the context of the US Presidential election is to be believed.

Read this extract from the same piece, ‘…..When asked why he or she is doing whatever he or she is doing (and this question is, almost always, asked by those who don’t see much point to what the maverick might be doing– indeed: in many, if not most, cases, the questioner is actually opposed- or even actively hostile- to what the maverick is doing!), the true maverick’s best- in fact, only- answer is, simply,

I’m doing what has to be done“…

‘nuf said! ‘

BrokersPleaseExcuse is a rapidly growing company in the city of Mumbai and looking to add more mavericks in their fold in their endeavour to become the undisputed kings in the apartment and flat rental market in Mumbai. Visit their site here. InsideIIM Career Services is assisting them in their hunt for these mavericks.

Who we hire?

People who get things done. If you think you can be up for a mentally and physically challenging role, then this place is for you.

How about winning over a client by making a presentation on a napkin? Move over power point decks used only to impress your boss. How about being directly responsible for profits in your company? How about helping scale up a company with some of the best and diverse minds out there? If closing a deal gives you a high, then BPE is the place to be. We prefer hiring people who have no inhibitions travelling within the city of Mumbai. If you can ride a bike/2-wheeler we love you even more!

How we hire?

Every shortlisted candidate is expected to spend half a day with us. You need to crack our treasure hunt and a round of GDs. Finally, it all boils down to the interview.

Process for applicants from other cities will be different. People applying from other cities and towns will have a few interview rounds over Skype/Google Video and over the Phone. Final round would be in Mumbai.

The Team at Brokers Please Excuse

BPE has a diverse team made up of bankers, pilots, comperes and relationship managers. Read in detail about the whole team here. You can watch/read our interview with the Team at BrokersPleaseExcuse here.

About the Openings and Application

Location : Mumbai only. You may not need to look for accommodation or pay any rent 🙂

There are openings for at least 3 roles : Relationship Managers (Sales), an Operations Strategist and a Technology wizkid. However, if we feel you add something new to the table we could create a role for you.

Compensation : If you are looking for a MNC bank salary, close this window now.  We pay well if your expectations are realistic.

Application process : Just go here and upload your resume. As simple as that!

You can reach us or the founders directly by asking your questions below. We will respond at the earliest.

Team InsideIIM

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