Brotherhood – My Journey to MBA

When we met each other!

I used to stay in PG accommodation near our corporate office. There used to be a tuck shop next to the building. Every morning I used to rush to the tea shop to convince myself with a few puffs of bachelor’s smoke and two back to back Cups of tea adding on the strength to the morning.

I can see him talking to his mate on some marketing case study. I found it interesting to jump into the discussion and closely were concluding on why the discussion started – MBA karna hai !!!!

But Why MBA? The discussion was on this!

I met him at the dinner table and tried to talk some more about work, family and some basic questions.

He asked me to join for a walk post dinner and I agreed. There was a grand restaurant near our pg and he educated me about the good dishes the restaurant offers.

I was enjoying as if I am actually sitting on for a supper, the way he was explaining.

We sat on stairs in front of a condiments shop. I asked him about what else he loves to do. He answered – cricket for any reason.

Then I rearranged the morning discussion and askedĀ him are you planning to pursue an MBA. He softly asked – Are you? I replied “yes”.

He clearly offered me to meet him at 5 pm, the very next day. I was delighted to accept this favour from him.

And we started preparing!

The learning during the preparation didn’t teach me how to crack the test but definitely convinced me with answers on engineers doesn’t demand one to always opt for coding. It’s a specialisation a graduate could pursue.

Wipro being a very approachable company, I met very good people sitting at a higher level. I was looking out for a role change from technical to a non-technical function and was trying hard to grab one.

One day I got a call from a close buddy offering me a marketing role and asked me to meet his boss. The meeting happened and I was on-boarded as part of that team.

The second best thing about this movement was Time management, I was dedicatedly able to invest 3-4 hours towards my preparations through online study portals.

I was strategically helped by a close kin of mine at each of the stages on how to differentiate from most of the others. In my team, I met people from Top B-Schools and was happy learn things from them.

There used to be discussions on their pre and post MBA time, theĀ importance of mock tests and answers to some of the basic questions on Why MBA from top schools?

And this has helped me to finalise colleges, I decided to opt for before taking the exam test.

Above all to this, to dream my family and my corporate experience has taught to aim big as this being the important takeaway. I have learned to dream but definitely, it’s all about the hard effort you put in, but to dream is the first step. I will be indebted to all of these people. Always for sure!

Ashutosh Chaudhary

An Engineer who dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur. Have worked as a Employer Branding Strategist in Wipro,before joining XIMB.